BYOD Policy

All ATAR students are recommended to have a BYO Device to access a range of learning materials both at school and at home. Digital Literacy is an increasingly sought-after skill set and essential for most careers. The BYOD program at NASHS aims to equip students with the skills they need to navigate being a productive citizen in the 21st Century.


Device requirements:

Most devices are acceptable for use if they meet the following:

  • Can run Office 365 (provided free by DoE)
  • Has a full physical QWERTY keyboard
  • Has Windows Professional


Mobile phones, iPads, Chrome books or other Linux based devices are not acceptable for use as BYO Devices at school. Apple macOS while supported are not recommended.


Expectations at the School


  • All applicable work to be made available on Connect for easy access at school or home.
  • BYOD use is encouraged and promoted in all lessons.
  • Explicit expectations for how BYOD are clearly communicated to students each lesson.


StudentsWhile at the school:

  • The use of mobile phones outside of permitted times may result in BYOD access being revoked.
  • Use the BYO Device in a responsible manner adhering to the Acceptable Use Policy. Failure to adhere to policy may result in disciplinary action.
  • Comply with “in use or not in use” instructions from teachers. Teachers will decide when students will use the BYO Device in class.
  • Bring the BYO Device to school each day, charged and ready for use.
  • Use the BYO Device for educational purposes in line with the school’s learning programs.
  • Have all of the apps required for use, downloaded and ready to be used.
  • Not to leave the BYO Device unattended.
  • Not access BYO devices outside of teacher instruction.


How to keep your device safe at school:

  • Ensure it has a carry case or in the instance of a tablet device, a fully enclosed case.
  • A separate padded compartment for chargers and accessories (dongles, storage ect.) Always keep your bag with you or in a secure place.
  • Don’t throw your bag around when your device is inside.
  • Use provided BYO device lockers. Each ATAR Student will be provided with a secure, powered locker space for BYO devices.
  • Bags should be placed in safe place whilst in classrooms to reduce the chance devices are stepped on while not in use.
  • Devices can be covered whilst at school by Home and Contents insurance (please check with your insurance provider). Devices are not covered by school insurance.



Backing Up Data on any BYO Device

It is the student’s responsibility to regularly backup data stored on the BYO Device. The school will not be responsible for any lost data on the BYO Device. Backup strategies include saving data from the BYO Device to the student’s network account on the schools network, Cloud storage solutions (including OneDrive, provided by the school), or use a USB drive.


Acceptable Use Policy

Misuse of BYOD during school hours will be dealt with in accordance with the Mobile Phone Policy as they are considered a mobile device when they are not being used under the direction of a teacher.

Whilst at school students must not use the BYO Device to:

  • Transmit any material in violation of any local, state or federal laws.
  • Use profanity, obscenity or any other language that may be offensive to another student, teacher, member of the community, company or institution.
  • Engage in any cyberbullying or harassment.
  • Copy and downloading and sharing of commercial software or other media (e.g. music, video, movies) in violation of Federal copyright laws. Including material generated by AI.
  • Conduct commercial trade with BYO Device. Engage in online gambling.
  • Participate in illegal activities such as hacking or spamming. Access pornographic or obscene content or networks.
  • Create and / or introduce electronic viruses or malware.
  • Bypass network security and monitoring systems using any means both physical and wireless devices, software manipulation and Internet sites promoting proxies and tunnelling.
  • Play games during class time or in the yard.
  • Students must not use another students BYO Device without their consent.


Social Networking and Gaming

Students are not permitted to play games or connect to social networking sites in class or in

the yard at breaks. Any messaging services should be switched off or silenced during school hours.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Specifications

Please note that the officially supported operating systems for North Albany Senior High School are Windows 10 and Windows 11. There will be limited support for other types of devices.


Device/Operating System

Support Level

Windows 10 Pro/Windows 11 Pro

Supported and recommended (all year levels)

Mac *with Parallels & Windows Software

Supported, not recommended


ESL only, not recommended

Android Tablet

Not Supported, not recommended


Not Supported, not recommended

Linux Device

Not Supported, not recommended




Note on Smartphones/Mobiles

Smartphones and Mobiles are not considered a device when referring to the BYOD program. Students are not permitted to use Smartphones/Mobiles while on the School grounds.


 Recommended Configuration


Operating System



Windows 10


Windows 11

 ·        CPU: Quad core or higher

 ·        RAM: 8GB+

 ·        Storage: 128GB+

 ·        USB Ports: USB A or USB A adaptors

 ·        Battery Life: 6+ hours of use

 ·        A physical keyboard is required



Microsoft Office 365

The Department of Education provides free licences for Microsoft Office 365 to students. This software must be installed on the device before bringing the device to school. See the below link for instructions on how to install this on your device.


Click here for instructions for installing Microsoft Office 365 on Windows


Note on Affinity Suit and Autodesk Products

Certain classes use the Affinity Suit (Photo, Designer, Publisher) and Autodesk (Inventor, CAD) suites. For these classes, students will be located in computer labs with computers that have the required software already installed.

If you wish to purchase your own subscription to these products and install them on your BYOD, the above specifications are not necessarily suitable for these products. Their hardware requirements are listed at the below links:


Affinity Suit:




Please note that North Albany Senior High School does not provide a licence for students to use these programs on their BYOD. Having these programs installed on your BYOD is optional and North Albany Senior High School does not aid or support with configuring these programs on your BYOD.


Purchasing a Device

School insurance will not cover personally owned devices. It is recommended that purchasers consider their options in regard to insuring the device.

Devices can be purchased through any supplier of your choice. However, some suppliers offer a curated list of devices to school students.

Please use the following link if you’d like to see our recommended options:



BYOD Offers & School Recommendations:

To purchase from Stoatt&Hoare BYOD Portal use School Code: NASHS

To purchase from JB Hi-Fi BYOD Portal use School Code: NASHS2024

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