TransAlbany - Bus Timetable Changes

From Sunday 7 July Routes 801 and 802 will be withdrawn and replaced with new routes 806, 807 and 808. Please Click Here for more information or visit the Transregional Website

City of Albany Mounts Master Plan - Have Your Say

The City of Albany have been working towards establishing a long term vision and action plan for Mt Adelaide & Mt Clarence which respects and enhances its natural, cultural, social and recreational assets. Read on to have your say in Albany's future.

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Year 8 & 9 HASS Economics & Lego

Year 8 & 9 economics students participated in a team LEGO challenge.  Students created models of different sectors of the economy, for example; household sector and financial sector.

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Playground Recycling Bins

In term 3, NASHS will commence the utilisation of playground recycling bins. We will roll out the recycling bins progressively with 4 sets of bins distributed initially. 

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Year 6 Transition Information Evening

The Year 6 Transition Information evening last Tuesday was attended by over 200 interested care givers and parents. 

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Yoga for Year 9 Girls Fitness Elective

This term the Year 9 Girls Fitness class were taught the ancient art of Yoga. Here the girls are doing a fantastic Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose or Backbend).

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NASHS Students Shine

Here at NASHS we have so many students achieving amazing things. If you know of any fantastic efforts by our NASHS students, we would love to hear about it.

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NASHS Debating Team

Each fortnight, in the cold and dark winter Albany Wednesday night, teams from Great Southern Grammar, Saint Josephs, ASHS and NASHS come to the NASHS campus to debate topics wide and ranging.

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Yr 11 ATAR Math 2020 Casio Classpad

Students in Year 10 are currently choosing courses for Year 11 2020. If you are on an ATAR pathway and planning to choose Mathematics Aplications, Methods or Specialist you will require a Casio Classpad. Read more for online ordering instructions. 

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Triple P-Positive Parenting Program

Is this you? Your baby's almost an adult, or at least that's what he or she thinks. So life at home can be a little strained.  Maybe your 13 yr old son grunts instead of speaking or your 14 yr old wants to go to parties with people you don't even know?

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NASHS Cross Country Events

End of term one and beginning of term two, Cross Country has been centre stage of the Physical Education Department. Three major races have occurred. NASHS Cross Country School Carnival, followed by the Interschool Cross Country Carnival and finally the State Cross Country Championships.

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Keys for Life P.A.R.T.Y. Excursion

On Tuesday the 7th May the Year 10 Keys For Life class attended an excursion at the Albany Health Campus. The excursion is designed to show students what would happen if they had the misfortune to be involved in a road trauma. Read more for how you as a parent can help your child.

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Revision Seminars for Yr 11 and 12

Seven Regional Learning specialists visited the school on Monday 20 May and delivered revision seminars across a range of ATAR courses for some of our Year 11 and 12 students.

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WA Great Southern High School Netball Cup

On Thursday May 9, NASHS took part in the Netball WA Great Southern High School Netball Cup at ALAC. It was a fantastic day involving 14 schools and 61 teams across the Great Southern participating in 187 games.

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Earth and Environmental Science Excursion

On Friday May 10th Mr Skillen and Ms Kneebone's Earth and Environmental Science students had the opportunity to apply their knowledge on a beautiful sunny day in the field. 

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Sustainability Update at NASHS

NASHS now has a phone recycling bin situated in the library. This is available for the whole school community to deposit unused/unwanted or damaged phones. When the box is full Mobile Muster will collect and recycle them. Read on for more NASHS sustainable initiatives and activities.

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WAAPA 2019 Short Courses

Have you ever dreamed of being on the stage or in the films? WAAPA have a range of short courses in Music Theatre, Music, Dance and Acting. Click here for more information

Healthy Country Kids Family Survey

WA Country Health Service is interested in hearing about your personal experience with our community based services for children and their families. Your feedback provides an insight into how we can best meet the needs of families in regional and rural Western Australia. Click here to go to survey  

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NASHS Guideline and Polices

All organizations have policies and procedures that guide expectations and define the working environment. Schools are no different. Please read on for NASHS Guidelines and Policies.

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Studiosity with Albany Public Library

Your awesome Library is part of something big in Australian education.  Hundreds of libraries, schools, unis and TAFEs all over the country partner with Studiosity to provide thousands of students with on-demand help after hours every night, to ethically assist with their homework and study.

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