National Allergy Strategy - Community Education Sessions

A team of allergy health professionals and a representative from Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia are travelling to Albany to provide information about managing food allergy, anaphylaxis and eczema.Click here for session times

Year 7 and 8 School Immunisation Program

During term 4, year 7 and 8 students whose parents have given their consent will receive the second of the HPV immunisations.

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NASHS Breakfast Club

NASHS Breakfast Club needs your help!  NASHS is looking for parent volunteers who would be prepared to help with our Tuesday morning breakfast club.

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2019 In Term Swimming

Parents and caregivers please note the in school swimming lessons on the NASHS term 4 Planner have been cancelled.

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ATAR Revision Seminars

On Monday and Tuesday Week 8, teachers from the Regional Learning Specialist team visited NASHS to meet our ATAR SIDE students and to present free revision seminars for NASHS students, and students across the district.

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Little Grove Primary School STEM Excursion

Selected mathematics students from year 7 to 9 were invited to attend the Little Grove PS STEM Excursion.  On Wednesday 14th August Ms Beth Hewson’s 7.4 Mathematics class attended, then Mrs Offer’s 9.4 class on 21st August visited, and Mr Bishop 8.4 Mathematics class with Mr Cooper on 28th August.

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School Buses Made Simple

Have you ever wondered which school buses are available in your area? Or what the difference is between the orange and green school buses? There are lots of different bus routes in Albany, covering all parts of town and servicing all schools. This map will show which buses are operating near you.

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Communication Protocols

This week the Department of Education released a set of protocols for communication between staff, students and parents.  These protocols were developed in consultation with the wider community and include written and verbal communications.  A copy is attached.Sharon DoohanPrincipal

Year 8 Canberra Excursion 2019

Year 8 students from North Albany Senior High School recently returned from an excursion that saw them travel over 4000km, from Albany to Perth to Sydney to Canberra and home.

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Country Week 2019

A fantastic week was had by NASHS students attending Country Week in Perth for the last week of term 2. 10 nashs teams played in 7 sports which were: basketball, soccer, netball, hockey, debating, touchrugby and volleyball.

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Crosswalk Danger

Please remind your children to remove earphones and to look up from devices when using the crosswalk on Albany Highway.  An increasing number of students are becoming inatentive when using the cross walk and have walked into the attendants due to lack of attention.

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ATAR Revision with Regional Learning Specialists

Members of the Regional Learning Specialists (RLS) team have visited NASHS several times this year to support our ATAR students studying via SIDE. For further revision sessions please read on

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National Sleep Awareness Week

The typical teenage brain wants to go to bed late and sleep late the following morning, which is usually hard to manage.  Teenagers can adjust their body clock but it takes time.

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WA Great Southern High School Netball Cup

On Thursday May 9, NASHS took part in the Netball WA Great Southern High School Netball Cup at ALAC. It was a fantastic day involving 14 schools and 61 teams across the Great Southern participating in 187 games.

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Earth and Environmental Science Excursion

On Friday May 10th Mr Skillen and Ms Kneebone's Earth and Environmental Science students had the opportunity to apply their knowledge on a beautiful sunny day in the field. 

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Extra Transition to Work Training

Passport 2 Employment (P2E) is designed to provide students who have learning barriers with extra (on top of the schools WPL program) practical skills to prepare them for employment in a structured and safe learning environment.

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Sustainability Update at NASHS

NASHS now has a phone recycling bin situated in the library. This is available for the whole school community to deposit unused/unwanted or damaged phones. When the box is full Mobile Muster will collect and recycle them. Read on for more NASHS sustainable initiatives and activities.

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NASHS Guideline and Polices

All organizations have policies and procedures that guide expectations and define the working environment. Schools are no different. Please read on for NASHS Guidelines and Policies.

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Studiosity with Albany Public Library

Your awesome Library is part of something big in Australian education.  Hundreds of libraries, schools, unis and TAFEs all over the country partner with Studiosity to provide thousands of students with on-demand help after hours every night, to ethically assist with their homework and study.

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Yr 11 ATAR Math 2020 Casio Classpad

Students in Year 10 are currently choosing courses for Year 11 2020. If you are on an ATAR pathway and planning to choose Mathematics Aplications, Methods or Specialist you will require a Casio Classpad. Read more for online ordering instructions. 

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