Health & Physical Education

Head of Learning Area


Ms Kylie Rennie




The Health and Physical Education learning area provides students with an understanding of current health issues and the skills needed to participate confidently in sport and recreational activities. 


Physical Education


Physical Education is focussed on learning in, through and about movement. Students develop physical skills, strategy, critical thinking and knowledge of how the body moves and responds to movement. The range of sporting contexts covered each year ensures students are able to demonstrate these skills in a variety of physical activities.


Year 7 Physical Activities


Year 8 Physical Activities


Year 9 Physical Activities


Year 10 Physical Activities


Health Education


Health Education explores the role students’ play in contributing to their personal health, safety and wellbeing and that of their wider community.  Students will examine and address health areas relevant to them, their peers and their families. 


Topics covered include


Resilience & Relationships


Puberty & Adolescence


Drugs & Alcohol


Personal Safety


Protective Behaviours


Nutrition & a Healthy Lifestyle


What Is School Drug Education?




There is a range of extracurricular and interschool sporting opportunities available to NASHS students.  


NASHS extracurricular competitions in 2022 include


Year 10-12 Twenty 20 Cricket Competition


Year 7-9 Cricket (Girls & Boys)


NASHS Swimming Carnival


Interschool Swimming Carnival


Year 11-12 Boys & Girls Football


Year 9-10 Boys & Girls Football


Year 7-8 Boys & Girls Football


NASHS Cross Country


Interschool Cross Country


State Cross Country (in Perth)


Bendigo Cup Netball


Country Week (in Perth)


Interschool Surfing


State Surfing (in Perth)


Winter Carnival (7-8 Soccer, 7-8 Hockey)


Year 7-10 Basketball


NASHS Athletics Carnival - Jumps & Throws Day


NASHS Athletics Carnival – Track & Novelties Day


Interschool Athletics Carnival






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