Head of Learning Area


Mr Glenn Simpson


Welcome to the Science Learning Area at North Albany SHS. We believe that everyone is a Scientist as we all try to observe and understand the world around us.  Our task is to develop and widen students' interests and skills in science to enhance their lives and improve their futures.

The Science Department is an enthusiastic and professional team comprising of teachers with a blend of youth and experience. Our expert laboratory technicians supervise and maintain an extensive laboratory that caters for a wide range of experiments and activities.

The Science Learning Area provides a challenging curriculum that teaches the WA Curriculum. Our students are well supported to understand many complex scientific principles and how these principles apply to and explain the physical and biological world in which we live.  We strive to ensure that our students are scientifically literate and are ready to join the rapidly changing Scientific and Technological world.

The Science course for students in Years 7-10 comprises

Physical Sciences

We cater for a wide range of abilities and have staff that work well with students. We have a strong focus on literacy and numeracy and endeavour to develop these skills using Science as a context.

Students can further their Science studies by selecting a wide range of subjects in Senior School both at the ATAR and General level.

In Years 11 and 12, students can specialise by choosing to study.

Integrated Science
Human Biology


Students are actively encouraged to use their science in competitions and projects throughout the year.  Our well-resourced laboratory means students can perform in a wide range of activities, experiences and hands-on projects:


  • Designing and constructing solar ovens, energy-efficient model houses, rockets.
  • Make and launch (explode!) hydrogen balloons, model volcanoes and rockets
  • Exploring the microscopic world found in ponds, night stalk wildlife with motion-detecting cameras, and explore ecosystems in-depth on the Biology camp(s).
  • Finding out how infectious keypads and mobile phones are and exploring how tomatoes and other plants grow best through hydroponics.
  • Making slime, extracting DNA, performing gel electrophoresis simulations, testing pharmaceuticals.




Glen Simpson (HOLA) Human Biology, Chemistry and Year 7 - 10 Science

Callaghan Bracken

Integrated Science, Year 7-10 Science

Patrick Jennings

Chemistry, Physics, Year 7-10 Science

Andrew Hirst

Chemistry, Physics, Year 7-10 Science

Daniel Hoath

Chemistry, Physics, Year 7-10 Science

Joel Ireland

Biology, Marine and Maritime, Year 7 - 10 Science

Emma Landrum

Human Biology, Year 7-10 Science

Zac McGill

Biology, Science in Practice,  Year 7-10 Science

Melanie Curtis Laboratory Technician
Belinda Haines

Laboratory Technician

For further information about Science at North Albany SHS, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Science Department by phoning 9892 0611

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