NASHS Drama Night

The NASHS Drama Night was a success with over 130 parents and family members in the audience, in addition to the 50 year 8, 9 and 10 students who performed.

Surely, success is not the heights you reach, but the distance you’ve come- I was struck by the students’ progress, both in their ability to perform a character and to overcome fears of being in front of an audience. I was also impressed at the student turnout, given that attending the Drama evening was not compulsory to their grades.

After a semester of stepping outside their comfort zone by performing to their peers, the students wanted to take the final challenge of facing an audience that filled the PAT.

Afterwards, many students talked about being extremely nervous, getting through it, and the “buzz” afterwards. If I can get my students to experience a natural high of performing, I reckon I’ve done my job. 

Mr Darian Le Page