Volleyball GSSSSA Carnival NASHS Undefeated!

On the 1st of December year, 7 to 10 students were invited to participate in the first GSSSSA Volleyball carnival. Schools from Albany SHS, Bethel, Denmark SH and North Albany SHS competed in a round-robin tournament.

NASHS entered four teams, and all students strived to compete to 'be your best'. The girls NASHS team 1 finished 4th while the NASHS girls team 2 finished 2nd. The competition between the two NASHS girls team was fierce, only being decided by one point. The final score was 40-41 after 23 minutes of play.

The boy's teams went in with a Division 1 team, year 10's (main picture) and a division 2 team consisting of year seven and eight's. The division two team worked hard all day and showed true potential in the future finishing 5th. The division 1 team walked away undefeated, taking the GSSSSA volleyball shield.

A big thank you to Boothy for all his hard work on the Tuesday and Thursday morning training sessions. The student's skills have come a long way under your guidance.