Women's Leadership Forum

On March 12th, a group of my female peers and I were granted the opportunity to experience the impowering  ACCI Women's Leadership Forum held here in Albany on March 12 & 13 2020.

Yr 12 students Taleah Ugle and Jessica Stals

Being one of a few school aged guests, I walked in not knowing anyone and feeling somewhat anxious. Immediately I was introduced to some beautifully passionate and powerful women that were keen for discussions. The connections between women radiated a united energy and allowed my peers and I to settle in comfortably, ready for the prepared workshops. 

The first guest speaker, Kemi Nekvapil, was a brave and strong life coach that discussed to the room about 'The Gift of Asking'. This opened up many eyes about how submissive and forgiving women can be and showed us that if we want something, we take it. I was lucky enough to win two of her books!

The rest of the day was separated into a choice of workshops that allowed smaller groups to come together and discuss ideas amongst each other.

Catering was amazing with beautifully cooked sweets and savories and the day left us all feeling a little more head strong and confident. I hugely recommend this event to any female students in the future.

Year 12 student councilor Jessica Stals