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Principal Message Update COVID-19  14/05/2020


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Return completed forms to this email address:

NASHS Library Student Study Permission Note

NASH Explicit Material Permission Note

Change of Student Details Form

Locker Lease Form

Camp & Excursion Medical Form

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Anaphylaxis Form


Mild-Moderate Allergy Form


Asthma Form


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NASHS Values and Expectations Substance Plan
NASHS Circle of Values School Uniform
Student Health and Well Being Policy and Guidelines Homework and Study Guidelines
Countering Bullying in School Positive School Behaviour Plan 
Paracetamol and other Analgesics at School Communication Protocols
Good Standing Policy Student Mobile Phones, Electronic Devices and Earphones


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Year 7 Booklist  2021

Year 7 Stationery list 2021


Year 8 Booklist 2021

Year 8 Stationery list 2021

Year 9 Booklist 2021

Year 9 Stationery list 2021

Year 10 Booklist 2021

Year 10 Stationery list 2021


Year 11 Booklist 2021

Year 11 Stationery list 2021


Year 12 Booklist 2021

Year 12 Stationery list 2021


Student’s Stationery & Text Book List

While NASHS does provide resources for use in class, the booklist indicates textbooks and equipment that your child will need to purchase to study the selected courses.


All textbooks are supplied for students in Years 7 to 10. A workbook may be requested for some subjects.

Students in Year 11 and 12 need to supply their own textbooks as indicated on the lists.


NASHS does not endorse the purchase of these items from any particular supplier. We believe it is a family decision as to where to purchase these student requirements.




240 York St

Albany WA 6330


Phone: 08 9842 8044





Your booklists can be returned by:



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Letter to Families

Fact Sheet

Back to School Flyer


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The Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS) is to assist low-income families with secondary schooling costs for students in Years 7 to 12. It is made up of two allowances:

  • the Education Program Allowance (EPA) – paid directly to the school.
  • the Clothing Allowance (CLA) – paid to the applicant or the school.

Changes due to COVID-19 situation.  We now accept emailed applications with attached scans or photographs of concession cards.  The parent/guardian can email their application with attached proof of their concession card as either of the following.

  • a scanned copy of the front and back of the card
  • photographs of the front and back of the card.

Secondary Assistance Scheme Application Form

Abstudy Supplement Allowance Form

Return completed forms to this email address:


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Parent Guide

Student Guide




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Year 7 and 9 National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy - NAPLAN 


NAPLAN Information Flyer 2020

NAPLAN Parent Note 2020

In May all Year 7 and 9 students across Australia will take part in the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN)

NAPLAN is designed to help parents and teachers better judge how Year 7 and 9 students are performing in relation to nationally-agreed standards.  As this has become part of our reporting to parent processes, it is anticipated that all students will participate.

NAPLAN Assessments will be conducted in Writing, Language Conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation), Reading and Numeracy.  There are a total of 4 assessments, Writing is the first assessment and its results are used to set the appropriate level for the following Literacy assessments.

It is important to attend the Writing test due to its significance.  Each assessment is approximately one hour in length.  Click on the link for further information in the brochure titled 2020 NAPLAN Information for Parents.  The NAPLAN assessments will take place during normal school time in the week commencing 14th May (week 3, term 2).  At NASHS all Year 7 and 9 students will sit the tests under formal assessment conditions in their classrooms.

Students absent on the assessment day/s will be provided with an opportunity to do the assessment later in that week.  Withdrawal and Exemption forms can be found HERE on the website

These forms need to be submitted to Mrs Terry Bolt (Deputy Principal) by Friday, 22 March

NAPLAN Website


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You can now order and pay for Canteen items online. The cut-off for ordering is 9.00 am on the day. Orders can still be made directly at the Canteen between 8.00 am and 8.50 am.


It will take you a few minutes to set up an account. You can add as many children as you want to the account. You can either add just the exact payment or allocate some funds to your account and the charges will be deducted after each purchase. Payment methods are Direct Deposit, Credit Card or PayPal. If you have any queries in regards to QuickCliq don’t hesitate to call them on 1300 116 637


To get started please click on one of the pages below. This will take you directly to the QuickCliq website. Follow the instructions to create an account. After the initial registration, you can download the QuickCliq App on your phone and complete your canteen orders from the App.


The canteen is always looking for volunteers and so if you have a few spare hours please contact the school on 98920611.


To view or print our menu, click here  Canteen Menu

QuickCliq website


For more information and how to use QuickCliq



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AGM is Wednesday 25 March 2020

P&C meetings are held twice a term.

Held in NASHS staffroom (entrance via NASHS main administration building and upstairs

2019 Office Bearers

President Caroline Bole
Secretary Dora Adeline
Karen Petty 
School Board Rep Karen Petty


Email Contact Adress 

Our P&C is a combined NASHS & Albany Secondary Education Support Centre Association. New and existing parents/carers are very welcome to attend P&C meetings.


The canteen is operated and staffed by the P&C and provides a range of healthy food options for students.  Lunches can be ordered online using quickcliq

 Our P&C provides the forum for parents, teachers and citizens to collaborate to continuously improve our schools, North Albany Senior High School and Albany Secondary Education Support Centre. 

We meet twice a term and always welcome new faces. Each year office bearers for the P&C are elected at the AGM. This year we are looking for new people and ideas for all positions.

Volunteers who take on these positions will be given good support and training, no previous experience required.



Here are some reasons as to why you should be involved in our P&C:


  • You get a behind‐the‐scenes look at your child’s school. The NASHS and ASESC Principals, participate in the meetings, and we get to hear from them some of the great things that have been happening at school – things that often aren’t in the newsletters.
  • We get asked our opinions on school matters and get to have an input in some decisions.
  • We have the opportunity to ask questions about school policies and procedures and get things clarified.
  • P & C is a way for parents to be heard, and to be a valued voice in the community.
  • Plus, you feel a part of your child’s education and get to spend a pleasant couple of hours in friendly
  • Great company, and share a cuppa!


Just a few things your P & C does:


  • Successfully applied for funding for Solar Panels at NASHS which were installed in 2018
  • Runs NASHS canteen with employed staff (no volunteers) every day of the week.
  • Fundraising is used to provide facilities and resources for the students eg lockers, outdoor seating, iPads, Endeavour Awards, outdoor table tennis table and support ASESC Unity Days.




Locker Lease 2019


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