Principal's Message

As the school year draws to a close, NASHS continues to find reasons to celebrate and be thankful.

Our recent acknowledgement as the recipients of the Mentally Healthy Education Award for 2020 at the WA Mental Health Awards gives the whole community confidence that NASHS is at the leading edge of supporting our students through their high school education. The award recognises the commitment of the amazing staff of NASHS and those organisations associated with our school who remained positive, focused and responsive to the needs of our students during what has been a very challenging year.

You will note through this newsletter that our students have also been very successful in the sporting arena, winning many highly competitive events including state titles in Equestrian, Chess ‘A’ Division, Athletics, interschool Volleyball and Downhill Mountain biking. We can be very proud of the sportsmanship and commitment from the students who participated in these events and the staff and parents who have organised and supported them.

As is often the case at this time of the year, we will be farewelling a few highly valued staff members.

Leonie Puzey has won a position teaching her passion for Physics at another local school. Leonie has been a dedicated staff member at NASHS since 2001. She has committed to various roles around the school including Year Coordinator, Student Services Coordinator and Science and Maths Teaching. Our staff and students will sincerely miss Leonie.

Silky Verma has been a solid contributor to our school during a very challenging year. In recognition of her expertise, Silky has been offered a teaching position in Perth.

Sharon Remaj is pursuing a career change, and we will all miss her happy demeanour and genuine enthusiasm for helping the students.

Alison Trent and Richard Clifford have been in contracted positions with NASHS during the year, and we have genuinely appreciated their commitment and flexibility to competently add value to the Learning Areas they have been a part of.  

And our Chaplain Tammi Forsyth has decided not to continue as the School Chaplain into the future so she can focus on other aspects of her life.  Tammi has been a very positive addition to the Student Support Team this year and will be desperately missed by both the staff and the students.  Good luck Tammi and we hope that your future holds all the positive blessings that you so thoroughly deserve.

On a personal note, I would like to thank the students, staff and families associated with NASHS for being so supportive of the school and me during the year 2020. I wish everyone a fantastic and safe holiday and look forward to the opportunities that we will share when 2021 arrives.


Be Your Best,

Mr Peter Hurle  



NASHS Dual Winner of WA Mental Health Awards 2020

It is a terrific acknowledgement for the NASHS Community to be named as one of four finalists in the Education category of the WA Mental Health Awards for 2020. On the 25th November at the HYATT, Makayla Owen and Bailey Dixon with Mrs Bolt were privileged to represent the school community. We were proud and excited when NASHS was announced the dual winner of this category. Below is the citation read to the audience.

"North Albany Senior High School, or NASHS, has created a positive and supportive environment where the community collaborates and works together towards implementing programs, practices and interventions in response to identified issues."

These initiatives support the development of a positive school environment and include the NASHS 2019 - 2021 School Business Plan, Building a Village, and the Positive Behaviour Support philosophy. The NASHS staff and students use a common language and processes that ensure consistency and equity. The school's values allow members of the community to reflect on behaviours with understanding to achieve resolution.

This award is a fantastic acknowledgement of the hard work that the whole NASHS community provides to support students, staff and families and continues to work to improve.


Volleyball GSSSSA Carnival NASHS Undefeated!

On the 1st of December year, 7 to 10 students were invited to participate in the first GSSSSA Volleyball carnival. Schools from Albany SHS, Bethel, Denmark SH and North Albany SHS competed in a round-robin tournament.

NASHS entered four teams, and all students strived to compete to 'be your best'. The girls NASHS team 1 finished 4th while the NASHS girls team 2 finished 2nd. The competition between the two NASHS girls team was fierce, only being decided by one point. The final score was 40-41 after 23 minutes of play.

The boy's teams went in with a Division 1 team, year 10's (main picture) and a division 2 team consisting of year seven and eight's. The division two team worked hard all day and showed true potential in the future finishing 5th. The division 1 team walked away undefeated, taking the GSSSSA volleyball shield.

A big thank you to Boothy for all his hard work on the Tuesday and Thursday morning training sessions. The student's skills have come a long way under your guidance.


The Talented Young Writers Program

The Talented Young Writers Program has been running for many years. It's when students, interested in authors, books and writing, attend a workshop off school campus with other students from the Great Southern area. A guest author presents readings, sets writing exercises and answers questions. NASHS has been sending students for many years. That was all pre-covid.

This year, the first term event was when covid first hit and our students couldn't attend offsite. Due to this, The Literature Centre had to evolve the presentation format and introduced online videos, recorded by Australian authors. The concept was new for everyone but meant our students could enjoy the program in the comfort of our Performing Arts Theatre, surrounded by familiar faces.

We had morning tea, warm blankets in the winter, desks to work at and a caring group to share our writing with.  We had a great session in Term 2! Term 3 we were evacuated because of the fire and Term 4, just recently in Week 8, we had our final session for the year.

The students have responded to the writing prompts set by the authors and produced some amazing pieces of writing that are in their infancy. The writers reiterate that it is not the beginning idea that's so important, it is the persistency and dedication to drafting, editing and editing some more. A most important lesson.

This term's author was Mark Smith. A groovy Victorian author, who shared his love for mountain biking, surfing, walking the dog on the beach and writing.  A few of our participants had already read his works and loved them! So, to be able to then follow the lessons he provided was fun and beneficial to everyone's writing.

The group are still quite shy with one another but we are slowly building trust, so we can share our work out loud, tell stories and record them on our pages/laptops. This writing group is a work in progress and it is looking like 2021 will be even more fun than this year.

Early in the new school year, information will become available to students and parents, so that expressions of interest to join the program can be submitted. If you are someone interested in writers, reading and your own creative writing - then perhaps it's for you! Please keep a lookout for the posters or messages in the notices. Otherwise, feel free to find me in the English Office and I can update you.

Congratulations to all the participants from 2020 - you have inspired some great changes for next year. I look forward to working with you again.

Jo Morgan 
English Teacher


Life On Wheels

In recognition of International Day of People with Disability which is celebrated on December 3, Year 10 student Fatima Webster shares her experience of Spina Bifida titled Life on Wheels 

Science Term 4 2020

It has been a busy Term 4 in Science with lots happening across the year groups and some fantastic opportunities for Science staff early in the term.  At the beginning of Term 4, staff had an opportunity to work with a scientist on a local research project. It was wonderful for the staff to practise their fieldwork skills, and everyone left very excited about the many possible opportunities this could present for students in the future.

Year 6 transition students came during week 8. They participated in lots of great activities, including some colour Chemistry which was a big hit!

Week 9 and 10 of the term has seen our students engaged in STEM activities across all year groups. The year 10s have been building land yachts, and the year 9s have been designing and building an earthquake-proof house. The year 8’s designed, built and tested a container that will protect an egg under stressful and accident conditions while the year 7s have been busy putting all their new knowledge into creating the longest marble run.

It has been fantastic to see students engaged in the tasks and coming up with some very creative solutions to the problems posed. We are certainly excited to see what 2021 brings!

North Albany Clontarf Academy

The North Albany Clontarf Academy held their annual, Great Southern Fishing Challenge and Beach Cricket Carnival on the 9th and 10th of December. For these two events, we had five visiting academies from Northam, Mandurah, Bunbury, Narrogin and Katanning with approximately 60 members in total.

The first event was the fishing challenge. The way the challenge worked was the fish were classed into a point system and the winning team was calculated by quality and quantity. Although not a lot of fish were caught on the day, due to weather conditions, there was still plenty of fun had. The challenge was won by Northam on a countback decision over North Albany.

Beach cricket was up the next morning, unfortunately, due to extreme weather at Middleton Beach, the carnival was relocated to North Albany Senior High School Oval. The event was played in good spirits with three games happening all at once. Cricket Australia was involved on the day supplying roll out cricket pitches, the Perth Scorchers van playing music and support from two cricket development officers. The clear winner on the day was Newton Moore Academy from Bunbury.

Mr Peter Watters 
Director North Albany Academy


Library News Term 4

From the Library

Thank you to all members of the NASHS community who have so generously donated non-perishable food items to our annual FoodBank drive.  We are fortunate to experience the joy of giving, and these donations will make a real difference to hungry families in our region.

NASHS Library Open 24/7 with Wheelers ePlatform

Keep reading and listening over the summer break.  Remember that we have a large collection of free eBooks and eAudiobooks available 24/7 for download using the Wheeler’s ePlatform app.

enumber (for staff) 

Keep safe over the holidays and have a very merry Christmas.  We look forward to seeing you, happy and healthy, in the New Year.

Best wishes from the library staff.

NASHS Brings Home Gold

On the 3rd and 4th of October 2020, four North Albany SHS students (Isabella Day, Caitlyn Lambert, Taiah Curtis and Zarli Curtis) attended the Equestrian WA Interschool’s Festival. The event combines many different rider skills across various horse riding disciplines, e.g. show jumping, combined training, dressage, show horse and working hunters.

Upon arriving at the State Equestrian Centre located in Brigadoon, we all knew that the effect of COVID-19 would pay a considerable part in how this event would run. We all arrived with the goals of just having a fun and safe weekend.

The weekend was set off with a bang early Saturday morning with Taiah competing and placing 2nd in her 80cm combined training in a challenging class of 27 riders. Followed by Taiah’s enthusiastic showcase of team spirit, Isabella also placed 2nd in the 1.5m combined training. Later that afternoon, Isabella went on to compete against a tough field of young riders to takeout the win in the 1.10m show jumping. After being out cheering on her team, Taiah went out to place 2nd in her Prelim 1B dressage test.

Later on that afternoon, Taiah and Isabella went head to head to compete in the secondary schools working hunter class. After a long, stressful day, Isabella managed to bring home 6th place with Taiah following closely behind in 10th place.

Saturday evening was filled with fun and games on foot around the grounds and singing around campfires.

It was all actions go early on Sunday morning preparing the horses for the big day ahead. On Sunday, Taiah and Isabella completed all their events. They were there ready to cheer on their other two teammates as they had done the day before. At 7:30 am Caitlyn and Zarli went up against each other in the 70cm show jumping where they both jumped clear rounds to place 4th for Caitlyn and 8th for Zarli. After her awesome team efforts in the 70cm, Caitlyn then went onto compete in the 80cm show jumping against a tough field finish with yet another ribbon for 5th place.

By mid-afternoon, everyone is starting to feel their exhaustion. Still, Caitlyn and Zarli pushed through and competed in the final dressage event of the weekend. They both finished just outside the placing but both with very pleasing scores and comments.

The following week, back home in Albany, we received a very exciting phone call that North Albany SHS had won Champion Regional Secondary School.
This prize is a collaboration of all four team member’s efforts over the weekend and compared to all other regional schools over WA.
The prize consists of individual trophies for each team member along with rosettes and vouchers.

Isabella Day (cover photo) & Caitlyn Lambert

Images by Christie Lyn Photography

Taiah Curtis

Caitlyn Lambert

2020 Downhill State Champions

On October 31 and November 1, the 2020 Downhill State Champions took place at Linga Longa Bike Park, Southhampton Western Australia.

Round 4 of the WA state series wasn’t a race to miss, held at one of the best places to ride in WA and one of my personal favourites. A group of NASHS students performed well in the race including myself Hamish Wilkes, Jackson Poett, Declan Poett, and Ashton Sobik.

On Saturday the weather was looking perfect for racing. The track was freshly prepped and conditions were at its best for racing. That didn’t last long as it poured down Saturday night causing the track to turn slick. On Sunday practice was much different to what we rode on Saturday but in my opinion, it was better.

Racing occurred at 12:00pm Sunday. The NASHS students managed to make it down the greasy hill coming out with some great results. Declan finished 3rd in the under 15 category. Jackson placed 7th in the under 15’s followed by Ashton finishing 8th in the same category. Hamish placed 2nd in the under 17’s only 0.077 seconds off first place.

Hamish Wilkes

School Athletics Carnivals 2020

Photo Gallery

On Tuesday the 17th of November, the Jumps and throws carnival was held. Students qualified based on their class performances. There were some outstanding individual performances with the following students breaking school records:

Triple Jump

Declan Reid (Year 7)


Piper Scorza (7)

Koby Cook (9)

High Jump

Ben Campbell & Finlay Robertson (8)

Sienna Owen (8)

Imogen Sivwright (11)

Xavier Brenton-Reed (11)

Long Jump

Ben Campbell (8)

Callum Offer (9)

Amarlie Weinert (9)

Jack Day (10)

Kanisha Bennell (10)


Matt Sivwright (8)

Chantelle Gilchrist (9)

Later that week, the school Athletics carnival was held. It was a fantastic and enjoyable day as we had large numbers of participates in both the running and novelty events.

All factions really embraced the spirit this year with most students (and teachers) going to a huge effort to dress up for the day as well as cheer and encourage their peers.

On the day, Watari, led by their Faction captains in Taiah Curtis and Terraley Penny, proved to be too strong, holding off challenges from Eclipse and Michaelmas to take out the Shield for 2020. Well done to all involved – the Physical Education Department thinks that this was our best carnival to date!

Tertiary Tour Twenty Twenty

Photo Gallery

While we started with more bathroom stops than expected (and that was not for anyone over the age of 40 by the way), the road trip to Perth began. Mr Harrison's coolness and excellent organizational skills meant a seamless transition between University visits and fun activities throughout the tour.

Mrs Bolt's ninja skills meant that Mikayla Owens and Bailey Dixon were able to accept the Mentally Healthy education award on behalf of NASHS at the Hyatt Regency hotel in the city then join the other students at the Fremantle Prison for the Night Tour by 7:45. Mrs Matheson's angel-like 24/7 wrap-around care ensured that all students felt safe and secure, while Glyn's magical maneuvering bus driving skills made sure that students arrived on time and safe.

Tuesday afternoon students visited Murdoch University where they were greeted by Mrs Steven's niece and Mitchell Manera's cousin, both from Albany, who guided them around the University. The natural surroundings of the University are studied as part of the Environmental Science degree which incorporates the study of native bushland, wetlands, banksia woodlands and gardens. Students then visited the Veterinary Museum, where they viewed the anatomy of animals which are used in the study of the Veterinary Science degree. 

After the meal at St Catherine's, students took a trip to the Glowing Rooms in Fremantle on Tuesday evening where they engaged and competed in 3D mini-golf. At the same time, those over the age of 40 could only manage a few minutes of the moving 3D before removing their glasses. Students played 18 games of challenging hand-eye coordination scenarios before heading back to Saint Catherine's accommodation.

Wednesday started with a visit to ECU Mount Lawley to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), where production and design students painted, built and sculptured stage sets for an upcoming performance. Mrs Bolt's group was in the right place at the right time and was invited to watch the WAAPA Symphony Orchestra perform Emmanuel Chabrier's most famous orchestral composition, España in the Richard Gill auditorium as they practised for their main performance on Friday night.

Students then travelled to the Fremantle Mall, where they ate delicious lunches and looked around shops. Before long, they were back on the bus for a tour of Notre Dame University where the guide was also from Albany. We walked for at least two kilometres around the Fremantle City University of Notre Dame and while the pace was fast and the heat soaring, all students demonstrated a great deal of resilience and engaged the guide with many insightful contributions and asked inquisitive questions.

We then returned to Saint Catherine's for a delicious meal before travelling to the Fremantle Prison for the night tour, where students learnt a little more about themselves. Some students took the eery feelings of the prison in their stride, while others found comfort in screaming, provoking, holding hands or as some burly 6 ft student did, walked around with their fingers in their ears. Overall, a very entertaining evening.

Students were slow to arrive for breakfast on Thursday as they earned their sleep from the previous day's rigorous schedule. Everyone was well looked after at St Catherine's accommodation while others (Mr Harrison) enjoyed extra luxuries such as an ensuite and extra sleeping comforts. It is not what you know!

Everyone enjoyed the walk through the underpass that linked Saint Catherine's accommodation to the aesthetically appealing gardens of the University of Western Australia. Students learnt about the many possible pathways to University, including the UWA First in the Family Program. They saw the recently built state of the art E-Zone building which is the home of the Faculty for Engineering Sciences.  

Finally, Curtin University was the last stop and did not disappoint. With its state of the art funky wheeled and swivel chairs, students could move around in a 360-degree circle as well as forward and backward. (Way too much movement and advanced technology for Mr Harrison). Curtin's innovative technology-rich learning environment allows the creation of real learning workplaces within the grounds. Emulated moving lights displayed live data from the Australian Stock Exchange in the courtyard outside the Trading Room. 

After an exciting three days, the journey home was anything but quiet. There was singing (some good and some not so good) music and most of all, laughter. Students formed great friendships with those they had only known little about. In true NASHS spirit, one of the school's values stood out throughout the trip. The value, Be Kind. It was a privilege to witness, that even when students were tired, hungry and exhausted, they were so very kind to each other and always checking in. Such tolerance and kindness on display, no wonder NASHS is the best school ever.

Mrs Powell




Albany Public Library Summer Reading Club

The Albany Public Library is again running the Summer Reading Club over the school holidays to keep kids engaged in reading. This year the prize incentive are fantastic and include $40 Voucher, Craft Kits and the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Library membership is not required to enter.

This Summer Holidays...

Summer is a great time for getting outside. With the hot weather approaching, it is important to talk to your children about sun safety and teach them good sun protection habits.
  • Slip on some sun-protective clothing that covers as much skin as possible.
  • Slop on broad-spectrum, water-resistant SPF30+ sunscreen. Put it on 20 minutes before you go outdoors and every two hours afterwards. Sunscreen should never be used to extend the time you spend in the sun.
  • Slap on a hat that protects your face, head, neck and ears.
  • Seek shade
  • Slide on some sunglasses – make sure they meet Australian Standards

Extra care should be taken between 10 am and 3 pm when UV levels reach their peak.

For more information see the Cancer Council website:

Tripple P Message

Turn the “need for novelty” and peer group acceptance into a positive, Help your teenager find supervised group activities they enjoy. Regular activity (even if it’s not sport)’ good eating and sleep patterns are vital for physical and mental health. Limit screen time.

Cathy Watson
School Health Nurse, RN/RM
WA Country Health Service (Great Southern)

Immunisation Clinic Open During the Holidays

The Warden Avenue Immunisation Clinic is open:
Tuesday  9.00am to 11.30am & 2.00pm to 4.00pm 
Thursday 9.00am to 11.30am
Phone 9892 2499 for bookings

Year 7 School Vaccination Program.

The 2021 WA School Based Immunisation Program will be offered at your school by the local community school health immunisation nurses.

These vaccinations are offered free to all year 7 students.

· A two-dose course of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine to be given in terms one and four

· One dose of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine (whooping cough) given in term one

These vaccines will be offered over 2 visits. Vaccination consent forms will be sent home with students early in term 1 2021. Parents/legal guardians are asked to complete and sign the forms and return them to the school. Even if you are not consenting to your child receiving the vaccines, please return the form.

If you do not receive a vaccination consent form for your child, please ask at the school office for one.

Please return all immunisation forms to school as soon as possible for checking.

If you have any queries regarding the immunisation program, please contact me on 9842 7526.

If your child is not vaccinated at school they can come to our immunisation clinic at the Albany Health Campus. No cost is involved. Phone 9892 2499 for an appointment.

Year 10 Meningococcal ACWY School Based Immunisation Program 2021.

The 2021 WA meningococcal ACWY immunisation program will be offered at your school by the local school health immunisation nurses.

These vaccinations will be offered free to all year ten students during term 2. Vaccination consent forms will be sent home with students early in term 1 2021.

The Meningococcal ACWY immunisation program has been launched in response to the increase in meningococcal W infection. 

Some of the highest rates of meningococcal carriage and illness occur among 15-19-year-olds. Once infected, this age group can transmit bacteria to people who are at an increased risk of infection, including young children. It is expected that providing the meningococcal ACWY vaccine to this group will reduce the spread of this potentially life-threatening infection within the WA community.

Parents/legal guardians are asked to complete and sign the consent forms and return them to the school.  Please return form whether you consent or do not consent to your child receiving the vaccination.

If you do not receive a vaccination consent form from your child, please ask at the school office for one.

If you have any queries regarding the program, please contact Sally Moir- School Based Immunisation Coordinator on 9842 7526.

Vaccinations will also be available through our community-based Immunisation clinic at Warden Avenue. Phone 9892 2499 for an appointment.

Sally Moir | School Nurse | Immunisation

WA Country Health Service - Great Southern

PO Box 5147


T: 08 9842 7526


Delivering a Healthy WA



Updating Your Childs Contact Details

If you need to update contact details for NASHS it can be easily done on the NASHS website. Fill out the form here or from the NASHS homepage under the Parents tab, then press submit.

Saver Plus Help With School Fees

Saver Plus may be able to help match your savings towards school fees. Click on read more for further information. Saver plus info

Uniform Store Opening

Perm-A-Pleat are opening a store on Cockburn Rd, on November 17 and will be selling NASHS uniforms from there.  Uniforms are no longer available from the NASHS Canteen or the NASHS website.