Principals Message Term 3 Week 10 2020

Again I write to the NASHS Family about the fantastic way that our entire school community supports each other when faced with challenges and adversity.

When a fire recently impacted the D&T building, the staff and students managed the situation with the respectful dignity that I have come to expect. The students demonstrated responsibility as they were professionally escorted to the protection of the muster points on the oval by the calm and composed staff.

Thanks to the Albany Fire and Rescue Service, the blaze was quickly and expertly extinguished, minimising the damage and ensuring the safety of all the staff and students. It is the sign of a great school when a crisis can be managed with respect and dignity from the entire school community.

The words respect and dignity are also the words I have used to describe the way that our graduating Year 12’s have finished off their school year. The staff have been proud of these graduands, and the students have shown us that this pride is not misplaced.

They laughed and cried their way through the last supper together with the staff on Wednesday night, and celebrated their final day with a reflective and heartfelt final assembly, before challenging the graduating cohort from Albany Senior High School in an afternoon of fun and active contests at Centennial Park. I am blessed to have had such an awesome group of year 12 students in my first year of principalship at NASHS, and I am excited by the legacy and expectations that they leave for the future generations of Graduates.

I hope that everyone in the community gets to spend some relaxing times with their families over the school holidays, and we all return fresh and excited for the new term.

Be sure to be the best you that you can be.

Mr Peter Hurle

Year 12 Outdoor Ed Camp

Photo Gallery

During week 9, students from Mr Poett's year 12 Outdoor Education class attended their final expedition, a 3 - day hike along the Bibbulmun Track. The students completed a 36km section of the track, beginning on Monday morning at Parry Beach and finishing on Wednesday at Lowlands Beach.

This section of the trail is renowned for its beautiful, scenic views and is widely regarded as one of the best walks in the region. Highlights included a stop at Green's Pool, walking over Mt Hallowell and admiring the views at Monkey Rock.

The students who made it through until Wednesday demonstrated great resilience and determination and should be very proud of their efforts.

Mr Regan Poett

Science Highlights

The Science department has been busy this term, with all sorts of exciting activities happening across the year levels.

Year 9’s have been studying Physics. Earlier in the term, we used a Ruben’s Tube (or flame tube) to observe sound waves produced from a speaker in flames. Students enjoyed picking songs that would clearly illustrate what we have been learning about various wave properties.

They also participated in a STEM challenge where they had to build a land yacht. They were given limited materials and began designing, testing and altering their design, before having a final race off in the gym.

Year 8’s built rockets during Science week. They had a blast launching their rocket and predicting which would go the highest.

The year 7’s have been focusing on Biology this term, learning about plant and animal classification. At NASHS, we are lucky to be surrounded by a beautiful bush area with some fantastic examples of native plants across various plant groups. It’s been an excellent opportunity to get out and explore our fabulous school grounds and see the diverse range of plants and animals.

It’s been a busy and exciting term, and we look forward to another action-packed term 4 in Science!


Updating Your Childs Contact Details

If you need to update contact details for NASHS it can be easily done on the NASHS website. Fill out the form here or from the NASHS homepage under the Parents tab, then press submit.

North Albany Clontarf Academy

The North Albany Clontarf Academy held their annual Employment day. The employment day is an excellent opportunity for Clontarf students to gain insight into employment. The day consisted of visiting three Clontarf partners they were Water Corporation, Officeworks and K Mart. The visit to Water Corporation consisted of an information session on what Water Corp do in Albany, and what employment opportunities are on offer, with two past Clontarf alumni from Water Corp presenting to the students.

The visit to Officeworks and K Mart was a guided tour of the store and detailed descriptions of all job roles and responsibilities of their staff. The students had an opportunity to apply for some casual work, and one of our Clontarf students were successful in gaining employment.

Our last visit of the day was to Worklink Albany where they received some more information on extra support to help find employment. While there, the students worked on updating resumes and applying for tax file numbers and even practised for their learners permit via the online testing.

The Clontarf employment day was successful. It included powerful messages from past alumni and support from Clontarf business partners, thank you to all who were involved.

Mr Peter Watters

Try A Trade Day

In Week 5 this term, 13 year 10 students participated in a Try-a-Trade program held at south Regional TAFE. They experienced plumbing, bricklaying, electrical and carpentry.  The students represented the school well and impressed the lecture.

Photo Gallery

Year 12 Graduation Invite

Year 12 students, invitations for the Year 12 2020 Presentation Evening, 28 October 6pm.  Each student may invite 2 guests. Please collect your invitations from the NASHS administration office ASAP. Please note name and phone numbers of ticket holders need to be recorded for COVID tracking purposes.

Year 7 School Immunisation Program 2020

Year 7 School Immunisation Program

During term 4 year 7 students whose parents have given their consent will receive the second of the HPV immunisations. On this day, ensure that your child has a good healthy breakfast and plenty of fluid to drink to reduce the risk of him/her fainting following immunisations.

Vaccinations, like any medication, may cause side effects, most of these are mild reactions. The injection site may become red and swollen; you can treat this by applying a cool damp cloth. Your child may experience some discomfort such as fever, headache or tiredness. For headache and discomfort, paracetamol may be given as directed on the manufacturer’s label. If fever persists, consult your doctor. Seek medical advice if your child experiences a reaction that you are concerned about.

As it has been several months since completion of consent forms, we would like to allow parents the opportunity to inform us of any change to details on the consent form. Do not send notes to school please phone or email me so that I can make the changes immediately on your child’s consent form. 

For further information please contact:     

Sally Moir

Regional Coordinator School Based Immunisation Program

t: 9842 7526                           


Albany Public Library Offering FREE Exam Support

The Albany Public Library through funding from Rio Tinto has been able to arrange additional tutoring for students for free.

Students Brilliant in National Maths Competition

Our students performed significantly in this year’s Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) held on July 30. Billy Marshall, Year 9 was the standout performer, his result was in the top 7% of year 9’s in Western Australia, which earned him a Certificate of Distinction. Contgratulations Billy!

Certificates of Distinction have been awarded to each of these students. Congratulations students.  Oliver Cullen was in the top 14% and Deva Kusuma the top 19% of year 7’s for Western Australia. Thomas Musk, top 11% of  year 10’s, WA. Cameron Pettley-Gray, top 8% of Year 11’s, WA. Uluka Luscombe top 22% of Year 12, WA.

Twenty-one students earned certificates of Credit, putting their performance in the top 55% (Junior or Intermediate Divisions) or top 60% (Senior Division) of their year group, Western Australia. The students are:

Year 7
Abigail Harding
Keira Armstrong
Jaxon Fairbrother
Riley Crowd
Emily Gadean
Amelia Deutschmann
Simone Labuschagne
Cody McLennan
Jethro Kirkman
Mitchell Loverock

Year 8
Archer Gordon
Thornton Hambley
Joshua Cunningham
Ethan Tutt
Arli Vanderleer

Year 10
Dylan Hawkins
Angus Bowles
Kaius Pearson
Oliver Dall
Owen Smith

Year 11
Tegan Postmus

Year 12
Callum Postmus

Congratulations students for an outstanding effort.
A further twenty-two students were awarded a Proficiency certificate for achieving a pre-set score. Altogether fifty-nine students participated in this year’s competition.  Every competitor will receive an individual performance report.

The 2020 Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) was the 42nd annual competition. Hundreds of thousands of students in primary and secondary schools from around 30 countries sat the AMC between July 30 and August 6.

Students from Year 3 to Year 12 compete, making it the largest single event on the Australian education calendar. An Australian initiative, the AMC was introduced in 1978 as the first competition of its kind in schools here. It is now a truly international competition, having become the major school mathematics enrichment event and benchmark for mathematical ability throughout the Pacific and South-East Asia.

It tests everything from basic numeracy skills through to advanced problem-solving. It is the tenth year for awarding Proficiency certificates to students reaching a pre-set standard in both skills and problem solving, using their skills in the world around them.

AMC competition is conducted by the not-for-profit Canberra based Australian Mathematics Trust under the trusteeship of the University of Canberra.

Congratulations to all our award recipients and well done, to all students who participated in the competition.

2021’s competition is expected to be held in July or August. Details are usually available in March.

John Smith, AMC Manager.
NASHS Maths Dept

Image by tjevans from Pixabay

Virtual State Cross Country

Each year NASHS sends a team to participate in the State Cross Country Championships.  However, due to Covid-19, the traditional event was cancelled and instead School Sport WA held a virtual cross country carnival which involved students running 3km on a set day and then submitting their times.

NASHS students who finished in the top three at the school cross country carnival were invited to participate. Fifteen keen students gave up their lunchtime to compete with the group performing exceptionally well. Nine students finished in the top 10 for their year group – with Angus Bowles (5th), Cohen Joyce (5th) and Hamish Wilkes (6th) all placing in the top 10 in a combined South Australian and Western Australian race.

NASHS also entered a team for two age groups, Year 10 boys and Year 9 Girls who finished 1st and 3rd in their respective events!





No. of Competitors



























































































Healthy Drinks Campaign Continued

Hello parents and carers,

Here is an interesting link to check how much sugar is the drinks you may be giving your child. Sugary Drinks Calculator. Read on for more updates from the school nurse.

Week 9 has been mental health awareness week at NASHS and RUOK? Day so here is a another tip from Teen Triple P on how to be engaged with your teenager.

Timing is everything- Only talk about problems issues when everyone’s calm and relaxed, not busy, stressed or in a hurry. Schedule a meeting and agree beforehand that as a family, you will calmly explore issues so you can all get along better.

Also there has been some concerns and queries about head lice in students so please find useful tips in Healthy WA link below, Just a reminder School nurses don’t inspect for head lice so parents need to responsible, any age child and adult can get head lice, so it is important to check your child’s scalp for time to time especially if they complaining about it being itchy, you can’t always see them easily from the top or side of the head.  

Head Lice Information

Cathy Watson | School Health Nurse, RN/RM

WA Country Health Service [Great Southern]

SunSmart Surfing State Titles

Elijah Medling and Jack Day had progressed from the great southern regional heats, winning their division for the senior boys U18's Bodyboarding. They went on to compete in the State finals held in Perth on Friday 28th August.

The conditions in the morning were promising with a medium 2m swell and offshore winds. The boys came out strong progressing through their first-round beating St Marks ACS. It was a convincing win with both lads highlighting their wave selection abilities by scoring combo waves. (combo waves, are more than one manoeuvre on the same wave.)

There was a considerable gap between first heat and semis, and this was time to reflect on the heat, refuel for the day and monitor the surfing conditions. In typical Perth fashion, the Freo Doctor was palpable, and the conditions were changing. The position of the rip was alternating, and the unfavourable onshore winds were picking up as midday was approaching.

By the time the semis started the wind was in, the swell had dropped, and the conditions had seriously deteriorated. The approach to the heat had slightly changed as we had to manipulate our strategy to suit the conditions. The fellas went out trying their best in tough conditions. The heat was tight, and both Jack and Elijah held their own against the Duncraig SHS students, who had a slight home ground advantage. They were trading wave for wave right until the end where the Duncraig boys pipped us at the post, with both competitors scoring multiple combo waves in the dying minutes of the heat.

Although a bit deflated, the boys aware of the loss, still came out of the surf in good spirits. The support and commitment to Bodyboarding from both families was admirable and exciting. The boys gave it their all and taking into consideration the short 15-minute heats, unfamiliar beach and being the youngest in the division; I look forward to them competing over the next two years!

Froth on,

Mr Ireland

Mental Health Week

NASHS held its annual Mental Health Week from September 14-18, which featured many positive events focussing on mental health awareness for staff and students. 

Photo Gallery

The week’s activities started with blue yarnbombing of trees at the front of the school and a gratitude wall. Other activities included the Jogathon, a senior school boy’s leadership breakfast, displays in the library, Yoga, Senior School Chill Zone, Pyjama Party along with Health and Wellbeing stalls run by AYSA and Headspace.

Library News

Our month of celebrating books culminated in the Book Week Parade, full of colourful characters from favourite books.  Staff and students demonstrated great creativity and there were lots of prizes for the most creative costumes.  Congratulations to all participants.

In Week 6 the Library was the venue for an amazing musical performance by the Years 9/10 Rock Band. This talented group of musicians, assisted by Ms Walters, performed an engaging and varied repertoire and held the capacity audience enthralled for the whole of Break 1.  We are keen to provide a venue for more of our NASHS student talents to be showcased.  Thank you again!


We are currently trialling an addition to our Wheeler’s ebooks, the Wellness Collection.  Titles in this collection are designed to empower personal and social capabilities, mindfulness and resilience.  Including both fiction and non-fiction, some of the subjects they cover include:

  • Better management of stress and anxiety
  • Improve sleep and self-care
  • Manage/ release anger
  • Develop self-esteem and confidence
  • Defend against bullying/ cyberbullying
  • Develop positive coping skills

These topics and more, like all of our eBooks, are available 24/7, and special dyslexia friendly settings and eAudiobooks make them accessible to everyone.  Simply download the ePlatform App to your mobile device from your App store, find your library – North Albany Senior High School – enter your login: firstname.lastname and the password: Library 1 and you are ready to read. 


Mrs Barbara McNeill
Head of Library Services

AFL Carnival

On Tuesday 22nd September, the year 9/10 GSSSSA AFL carnival was held at Centennial ovals, with NASHS entering a boy's and girl's team.

The boys got off to a slow start, losing to Denmark by five goals. The impressive Heil/Poett coaching combination made some strategic changes, and this coupled with a much more robust and consistent effort from the boys resulted in excellent wins against both ASHS and Mt Barker.

With these two wins, the boys got another chance to play Denmark in the playoff for 1st and 2nd place. The boys demonstrated a massive improvement across the course of the day and fought hard until the final siren and ultimately drew with Denmark, with both teams awarded the Eagles Schoolboys Shield.

Everyone played the game with great spirit, and the boys demonstrated fantastic sportsmanship all day. Well done to Mohit Jaggi who was awarded the best player for NASHS after consistent performances in defence.

The girls got off to a great start by registering comfortable victories against Denmark and Mt Barker. This set up a great contest with the undefeated ASHS team in the third game.

The girls gave it their all but come up just short, in the end, to set up a rematch with ASHS in the playoff for 1st and 2nd place. Miss Melrose gathered the troops and inspired her team to deliver their best performance of the day and come away with a 3-goal win.

Congratulations to Amarlie Weinert who was recognised for her outstanding performance and awarded the NASHS best player award.

Thanks to Carson, Shane, Angus, Joley, Demi and Ksharna for their help throughout the day, it was much appreciated.

Mr Regan Poett