NASHS Newsletter

Week 5 Term 3


Principals Message

With the new term, there has been an increase in assemblies, excursions, activities, and functions. The buzz of energy around the school has returned and students are engaging as they should be for the ‘Premiership Quarter’ of the school year.

As I explained to the students in their year group assemblies recently, the third term of the school year is like the third quarter of a sporting contest; it is during the ‘Premiership Quarter’ that you consolidate your learning and set up for a successful conclusion to the school year.

As one of the most challenging years that students will have experienced, some great results and comments in their end of 2020 report will be extra sweet, and now is the time to make that happen!

The dedication of Deputy Mrs Terry Bolt has been highlighted as she coordinates the Transition Team of Mr Andrew Harrison and Mr Adam Tetlow to introduce the next wave of NASHS students to the school. The transition parent evening happened on two separate evenings to comply with the number restrictions imposed by ‘Phase 4’ and year 6 students have visited with their primary schools and toured the NASHS campus.

I extend my thanks to all the staff, students and the parents involved in the transition. The students all appear excited and eager to start the new year, and the feedback from all the NASHS Staff who has been involved has been positive about the incoming 2021 year 7 students. It appears that our 2021 cohort will continue to build on the fantastic reputation that NASHS has forged in our community.

I again extend my congratulations to the award winners at the year group assemblies. These assemblies have been a genuine pleasure to attend. The respect and pride that the students have demonstrated as they either received awards or congratulated each other is a credit to the positive culture in the school. My visit to the Bendigo Cup Netball Competition and the North Albany Clontarf Academy lunch reinforced to me that the values of our school are represented by our students both at school and when they represent NASHS in our community.

My final note of respect is to our year 12 students. This year has been a challenging one for you, and you should be proud of the way you have represented yourselves and your families. Several school functions are currently in the process of being organised for you. I know you share my message of thanks to Mr Cullen, Ms Duthie, our office staff, and the Heads of Learning Areas as they prepare for these events and arrange for your final assessments and results. I am sure that your legacy will be one of dignity and respect for NASHS and its community. I am looking forward to being a part of the graduation celebrations.

Please remember to be the best you, that you can be.

Mr Peter Hurle

Year 12 Dress Up As A Teacher Day


Our Year 12s enjoyed a pancake breakfast and an opportunity to show how stylish the NASHS staff is on our annual Dress As a Teacher Day.

We had the Glenn Simpsons well-represented and the Ruffells made sure their best angles were facing the camera. Some of Mrs Myers beautiful girls expressed their appreciation by dressing as her and Chad channelled his Mum with glasses and her signature spotty basket.

As always, the Phys Eders were emulated with Sophie's Dan Smith bringing attention to detail with her lip balm and post-it notes. Xavier did a very stylish Hannah Curtis and Ella, Noah, Jess and Ellie all showed me up with better hair and make-up than I could ever do.

It was a wonderful opportunity for our Year 12s to have a laugh with staff and show their care for those who have supported them on their journey - well done to all on making it a very enjoyable day.

Ms Duthie

North Albany Clontarf Academy


This term the Clontarf members have hit the ground running, with two after school activities and two-morning training sessions a week. The after school sessions are a mix of sport and life skills.

One of the more tasty activities so far was making giant sandwich ice creams from scratch. Eight young men were involved with the food preparation using simple ingredients and the outcomes were brilliant. On the menu was vanilla and cookies and cream. The students made the sandwiches and froze them overnight ready for the 100% reward lunch the following day.

Clontarf’s morning training sessions have been in full flight, with football on Wednesday morning and basketball on a Friday morning. The training sessions consist of some skills and fun games. The morning training is not just about improving skills and fitness but also about preparing young men for work. This helps with being organised, up early on time, and being part of a team.

This term the year 10 Clontarf members are holding football clinics for Mt Lockyer Primary School. This is a great chance for the lads to develop leadership skills. They were involved in the planning of the drills and games for the clinics, which they also run on the day. Part of the preparation for the clinics the Clontarf members built a handball target which they use as part of the football clinic.

Mr Peter Watters

SunSmart WA School Surfing Titles

On the 14th August, 12 students of varying bodyboarding and surfing abilities, competed in the SunSmart WA School Surfing Titles against Denmark SHS, Albany SHS, Esperance SHS, Esperance Anglican Community School & St Joseph College.


The day was predicted to be an absolute pearler, and in unusual Albany fashion, didn’t disappoint with ideal conditions with west nor west offshore winds and an easing 2m southwest swell.

Although some teams didn’t feel they performed the best they could, they still went through to the next round because of their determination and commitment, only one team did not progress to the next round.  

Keilarni Lloyd had an unfortunate incident where her fin was broken moments before her heat. She kept her head high, went out and surfed the best she could with her team member, Georgia Franey. Keilarni was surfing so hard that she managed to inflict a minor blood nose.

Much to her and Georgia’s surprise, they progressed through to the next round, even after leaving the water feeling deflated. A new fin was found and they competed in the second round, unfortunately, they were knocked out of the heat. The team showed great resilience and determination, which is commendable.
Some of the junior teams struggled a little bit with the conditions. To their credit, they continued surfing managing the best that they could, highly praiseworthy.

Some of the juniors were on unfamiliar crafts to suit the team configurations. Their flexibility and willingness to adapt to evolving conditions was admirable.  
A last-minute senior Boys bodyboarding tactical team change proved beneficial as the fellas progressed through the rounds. Riley Pearce and Hamish Wilkes were in one team with Elijah Medling and Jack Day in another team. Unfortunately, Hamish and Riley encountered some tough competition in round 1 being knocked out by the team which would compete in the final.

Elijah and Jack progressed to the second round convincingly, whitewashing the opponents. The second round was a bit tighter but the number of waves caught and maneuvers executed by both Jack and Elijah, secured them a place in the final. The final was tight, very tight. There was no clear winner from watching the heat.

There was a back and forth exchange of waves and tricks, the standard of Bodyboarding was exciting to watch. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for the presentations due to bus times, but the boys in the final were able to stay behind with a parent.

Much to their delight and surprise, they won the final! Both Elijah Medling and Jack Day will be competing in the State Titles held at Trigg Beach, Perth, on August 28. This a phenomenal effort!!  

The effort and behavior by all those who attended were applauded for their respect, willingness and flexibility. The day was a huge success and I’m looking forward to continuing the competitive success next year!

Mr Joel Ireland

English Classes Celebrate Book Week

Photo Gallery

Lower School students from Mrs Morgan and Miss Curtis’ English Class have celebrated Book Week by creating ‘Book Art.’ Inspired by ‘Book Nook’s’ students were challenged to create a scene from their favourite book, comic or magazine, or their original creation from pre-loved books.

Students used various materials to create their art including, pipe cleaners, alfoil, hot glue guns, felt, feathers and cardboard (to name a few). Mrs Morgan and Miss Curtis are very proud of the student’s masterpieces!

Year 9 Eye Dissections

In week 4, as part of Year 9 Physics, all students had the opportunity to dissect an eyeball. This relates to our Light component within Physics. The reception from the students ranged from excitement to disgust.

The feedback from all the year 9 teachers in regards to student behaviour, was that the students were professional and respectful in their conduct, which was fantastic to see and hear considering the nature of the dissection.

The majority of students were highly engaged and were thrilled to have the opportunity to dissect the eyeball. Well done to all the year 9’s who took part in the dissection.  

Mr Joel Ireland

Healthy Drinks Campaign

NASHS Healthy Drinks Campaign. Do you know how much sugar is in that drink?

Dear Parents, It has come to my attention that a lot of students are consuming energy drinks during school time. We ask for your support to discourage your child/children from drinking these types of drinks.

Sugary drinks are not a good substitute for hydration. Water is always the best. Even commercial flavoured water often contains sugar. If your child doesn’t like plain tap water, may I suggest only adding natural juice such as lemon?

Please see the infographic that highlights the amount of sugar in “every day” drinks. I’m sure you are all aware that there is a rise in obesity among teenagers in Australia and consuming these sorts of drinks regularly contributes to weight gain.

So please encourage your child/children to bring their water bottle to school and fill it with water. 

How Much Sugar Is In That Drink?

Triple P Parenting Program

The school psychologist and I are trained in triple p presentations for parents of teenagers and would like to promote some of their messages.

Here is one of their top ten tips for parents of teenagers.

Be the kind of adult you want your kids to become. Actively decide to lead by example. Really think about what you say and (and how you say it) every day.

If you have questions about triple p you can check out their website 

Cathy Watson. School Nurse 98920622, Monday, Tuesday and Fridays

Message From the Library

Over the holidays, we had five potted plants installed in the library to enhance the space and clean the air.  They have proved to be very popular with staff and students.  We also had our Noongar language ‘ welcome to our learning space’ sign printed and put up for all to see.  This will be on permanent display in the library.

We have welcomed three groups of Year 6 students from Yakamia PS, Little Grove PS and Parklands PS for transition and look forward to seeing five more groups before the end of this term.  They have learned their way around the library with the help of some of our current Year 7 students, and then enjoyed a Science lesson on viscosity.

We are also celebrating all things to do with books during this month, despite changes to some events due to COVID-19.  The TARDIS has arrived to display the finalists in the Children's’ Book Council of Australia (CBCA) awards, which we will also be voting on.

There is an extensive display of Book Case Art, unique creations by students using recycled books to represent books they have read and enjoyed.  Students will be voting for the best artwork, and also identifying the Top 20 Books for NASHS 2020. 

This week we have a scavenger hunt for students each day during Break 1, and next Friday 28 August the students can dress as their favourite book character and join the Parade in the PAT.  This is always a popular event to celebrate the culmination of the CBCA Book Week, with lots of fun and prizes. August is a very exciting time at NASHS!

Mrs McNeill
Head of Library Services

Relationships Australia

Relationships Australia are offering two workshops on understanding children's emotions and their resulting behaviors. Please see below for more information. Please Note: 2 sessions times available on Tuesday 15th September 9:30 am - 11:30 am at Relationships Australia, 29 Albany Highway, and 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm ONLINE.