NASHS Newsletter

Week 10 Term 2


Principal's Report

As the semester draws to an end, we have all been reflecting on the first half of the year. Through the challenges we were presented with, we have learnt a considerable amount about ourselves, our community and the importance of education. We have been reminded that schools offer more to our communities than education alone; they offer a safe and respectful place for our youth to belong to, and support and guidance for those who need it.

As staff we have rediscovered the meaning of resilience and kindness and reinforced that we find true strength in working with each-other. As a community and a staff, we are all stronger and better when we all work together. We are all looking forward to again having our classrooms full of students at the start of next term, but quietly thankful we will all be able to have a break before we front the challenge of the second half of the year.

I commend the NASHS teaching staff for electing to include prospective grades on the students' reports for the first semester. Grades add substance to the teacher’s comments and will give our families a clear sign of the progress that their students are making. This is another example of the NASHS staff putting our students first, even at the end of such a challenging term.

With the facilitation of Phase 4 of the WA State Government Roadmap to Recovery (and Phase 5 expected to be introduced close to the start of the next school term), the calendar for the rest of the year is filling up fast. There has been a buzz around the school as teachers vie for times to engage our students in excursions and incursions to add currency and interest to the curriculum.

Included in our planning for the start of the term is the Year 6 to 7 Transition Evening (28th July) and the Parent Interview Contact Afternoon (29th July). Please be sure to avail yourselves of the opportunity to contact your child’s teachers. The limited opportunities we have had to host parents at school in the first half of the year has added an extra imperative to this important reporting element.

On behalf of the staff, students and families of North Albany Senior High School, I have expressed my thanks to Mrs Jodi Senn for her dedication and commitment to the Chairpersons position of the NASHS School Board. Jodi was appointed as the school's second ever Chair, taking over from Tony Evers in April 2017. Jodi Chaired the Board through the 2018 IPS Review, which triggered the development of the following three-year Business Plan and oversaw the school’s commitment to the new $9.8M building program. My predecessor, Mrs Sharon Doohan, spoke highly of the support Jodi provided to her, and both Sharon and I have appreciated Jodi’s counsel as the school transitioned to a new principal ship. The board will continue to benefit from Jodi’s input as she resumes her role as a Parent Representative.  
I have also congratulated Mr Adam Catterall, as he has accepted the role as the new Chairperson. I am looking forward to the continued support of the board through Adam's leadership.

I wish all our NASHS Families and Staff a well-earned break. Rest, recharge and we look forward to seeing all our students again on Tuesday 21st July for the commencement of Term 3.    

Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Awesome,

Peter Hurle

North Albany Clontarf Academy

The North Albany Academy members have had an unfamiliar term. Clontarf uses activities, excursions and camps as an incentive to come to school and improve student’s education, but with the Covid-19 impact this all came to a holt.

The term started with Mr Pete Waters and Mr Graeme Simpson delivering homework packages to the boys who stayed home during the Covid-19 restrictions.

As term 2 unfolded, so did the easing of restrictions which allowed for a few activities to begin. First was our Clontarf breakfast program and then into morning games and breakfast, followed by our after school activities.

We have had a great turn out for these activities this term, and the boys are looking forward to term three with the return of camps, more excursions and activities.

During the term the boys in year 9 and 10 engaged in the Clontarf classes. The focus areas for each class are Education, Employment, Well Being, Leadership and Sport.

The year 10 boys have had a focus on employment and working towards completing the Clontarf work ready board while the year 9 boys focused on personal development and leadership.

Both classes have had fun cooking up a storm with a variety of foods from stir fries to breakfast meals and of course sweets.

On behalf of the Clontarf staff and member’s thanks for everyone’s continued support.

Parent Teacher Contact Afternoon Term 3

NASHS is holding a parent teacher contact afternoon next term on Wednesday 29 July 2020, week 2.  The school will be open from 3:20pm to 5:30pm with interviews happening in the school gymnasium. 

This year North Albany SHS is trialling a new online booking appointment system called Parent Teacher Online (PTO)

Appointments can be made online from Week 1 next term. Access to use the PTO booking system is available through the NASHS website homepage and the PTO mobile app.  

A letter will go home to parents Week 1 next term with further details. 

Curtin AHEAD ATAR Revision Camp

Congratulations to Molly Bowles, Conner de Snoo and Hope McLennan who were all successful in gaining a place in the Curtin AHEAD ATAR revision camp to be held in Perth during the July holidays.

Competition for places is fierce as it is limited to 22 participants and the fact that we have three students attending shows the strong work ethic and wonderful efforts of our Year 12 cohort.

During the camp participants will get the opportunity to attend revision workshops for their chosen subjects, learn more about university life and how to get around Perth. We wish them a successful week and are very proud of their success.

Ms Duthie

Student Services Coordinator - senior school

Australian mathematics Competition 2020

Students at North Albany SHS have the opportunity to challenge themselves by participating in the Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) in 2020 on Thursday July 30. Read on for more information or click here for an entry form. Please return completed form and fee by June 26.

The competition is subsidised by the Mathematics department and will be $5 for each student.

Running since 1978, the AMC is for students of all standards. Students are asked to solve 30 problems in 75 minutes (Years 7–12).

The problems are designed to test mathematical thinking rather than focus on calculations themselves, thus such questions are designed so that they can be answered just as quickly without a calculator as with one.

The problems get more difficult through the competition, so that at the end they are challenging to the most gifted students.

Students of all standards will make progress through the problems, and also be challenged along the way.

To enrol your child in the AMC please complete the registration form overleaf and return it, with your entry fee, to student services no later than 26th June (Friday week 9)

Talented Young Writers' Programme

We were delighted that the acclaimed Talented Young Writers' Program was delivered at NASHS on June 25.

Our presenting author was Isobelle Carmody and her Vimeos were carefully tailored presentations that were pre-recorded in the usual TYWP style. 

Students from Year 7-10 spent the day in the Performing Art Theatre at NASHS, enjoying Isobelle's story telling, her writing exercises and absorbing her authorial wisdom. Add to that, the opportunity to write and sip cuppas, snack and relax in free dress. 

The total 9 vimeo presentations were broken up by writing activities, sharing our writing, brainstorming, critiquing and laughing together.

NASHS Young Writers were able to develop some crazy character names, one fabulous one was "Sir Magenta Pleasant of the Ukarta Mountains". We created maps of imaginary lands like "Sea Hall", and dived into expressing the atmosphere of a space, through a character's response to the environment around them.

One challenging exercise was identifying what we believe in, then climbing into the skin of a character who believes the opposite.  As it is not possible to convey all the wonderful ideas that the students expressed, it should suffice to say that our school has many wonderful young writers and WATCH THIS SPACE!

Overall, despite not being able to network with other students in the region, the new format in school was a cracking good day and we all look forward to the next one in Term 3.

Ms Jo Morgan 

Year 10 Photography

Ms Katy Steed's yr 10 photogragphy class have been creating event posters. These took the form of movie or concert adverts and provided a true test of the students' knowledge of Photoshop.

The class researched different art styles that were commonly used in event posters such as art nouveau, retro and minimalist being a few.

Students analysed different posters to assess the elements and principles of design used in each poster, and finally created their own posters, using a combination of their own photos and images from the internet.

The resulting images were a terrific showcase of the skills covered in the class.

Well done Year 10 Photographers!

Ms Katy Steed


Keeping Kids in Schools Campaign

The Keeping Kids in Schools Campaign [KKIS] has operated in Albany for several years now and involves the Department of Education, The WA Police, the City of Albany and the Albany Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Dear Parents and Carers,

School is a great place for students to develop their academic and social skills. Attendance at school is a high priority for the community and more and more evidence shows how important attending school is to students’ learning, and how detrimental missing school can be.

The table below shows how missing school can add up over the years.

The Keeping Kids in Schools Campaign [KKIS] has operated in Albany for several years now and involves the Department of Education, The WA Police, the City of Albany and the Albany Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The campaign focusses on Albany businesses and schools working with them to contribute to improving attendance at school. As part of the campaign, businesses are encouraged to refuse service to school students during school hours unless students have a legitimate school leave pass, or are in the company of a parent or adult.

School leave passes are used for temporary absences from school in all Government schools and are available from school Administration areas.

Participating businesses will display a bold poster announcing the campaign and refusal of service. The campaign lasts all year, every year and will be given a boost in Term 3 of this year because at NASHS we 'put our students learning first'.

Students seeking service from businesses may be referred by them to schools or the Department of Education Regional staff, or directly to Police, especially if antisocial behaviour occurs.

The KKIS campaign is a great way for the community to support the importance of attending school every day to maximise student’s chances of success. The following table illustrates how much school can be missed between Year 1 and Year 10 by not attending every day:

Average Days Missed

Attendance Rate

School Missed [Year 1 – 10]

5 days in a term


1 year of school

1 day per week


2 years of school

1.5 days per week


3 years of school

2 days per week


4 years of school

Our school fully supports students attending every day possible and we encourage you to join with us to ensure your child attends as often as they can.

If you have any concerns or find it hard to have your child attend all the time, please contact us for support on 98920 611

Virtual Inspire in 5!

The Innovators' Tea Party Presents a series of career webinars with women in STEM.  All high school students, their parents & teachers are welcome to register for these FREE webinars. Inspire in 5 is a series of free Zoom webinars for high school students and
registrations are now open.

Join us to hear several short presentations from
women working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths fields.

Connect from home with your family and friends for the opportunity to learn how rewarding a career in STEM can be! There are 5 webinars to choose from
throughout June-August.

Learn more and register online at

This is a great opportunity for students to learn about STEM careers and be
inspired by industry professionals. Visit the website to learn more and to register your place.

2021 Year 7 Enrolment

Is your child attending NASHS next year for year 7? A reminder that enrolments are due back to the front office before the cut-off date of Friday July 24, 2020.  If you have any questions please contact the school on 98 920 611

Dental Therapy Centre - July Holidays

Spencer Park Dental Therapy Centre will be closed on Monday 6th July until Friday 17th July. If you have a dental emergency during the holidays, please contact Yakamia Dental Therapy Centre on 9841 3498.

Enrolment forms have been issued to your child if he/she has recently changed schools or enrolled in Pre-Primary, please make sure these forms are returned to student services before Friday 3rd July if you wish to use our service.

All appointments are now sent to your home address. If you have moved in the last few years we may not have your correct address and your child could miss out on their check-up.

If you no longer intend to use our service, please let us know as soon as possible as your valuable appointment could be given to someone else. Your child will be eligible to attend a Dental Therapy Centre from ages 5 to 17.

Please contact us to update your details either by phone: 9841 3967 or

The staff at Spencer Park Dental Therapy Centre would like to wish all children and parents an enjoyable break, keep smiling.

Holiday Reading

NASHS Library has eBooks and eAudiobooks that are available to all enrolled NASHS students to borrow 24/7. Follow the steps above to take you to the Wheeler ePlatform full of reading and listening pleasures. You can contact us at

2020 State Interschool Chess Championship

On Monday the 29th of July sixteen NASHS students competed in the state interschool chess championship, which was held online for the first time this year in the school library.  

 Well done to the NASHS chess club who completed enthusiastically and successfully to finish 2nd overall in a pool of 5 schools and 31 students all together.

 Newcomer to the chess club Archie Simmonds (year 7) was the highest scorer for NASHS finishing 6 overall. He used the four move check mate to his advantage and quickly defeated a few opponents to achieve high scores.

 Seasoned players Falen Robinson and Josh D’Aprile finished 7th and 9th. These two excellent players both have very high handicaps (BUCH) applied from previous competitions and on the day they both successfully defeated many challenges.

Special notes to Thornton, Leedian, Archer, Ryder, Bryke, Luke and Oliver who all finished with top 15 places in the competition. Congratulations to our two female players Phoebe and Hayley who had a great completion.

The team has qualified for the state interschool chess championship, normally held in Perth but this year will probably be online.

 Well done, chess club, for always thinking four moves ahead.