First Lego League Robot Regional Competition

First Lego League Robot Regional Competition - Looking for


Thursday, 24th November 2022 -

Albany Town Hall


On Thursday, 24th November, Curtin University will host the FLL Robot Competition at the Albany Town Hall. Several student teams from across Albany schools (including our NASHS teams) will compete. We are looking for teachers, parents, students and friends of robotics who would come along to help us run a fabulous competition day.


The specific roles we are looking for are:


Robot Game Refs

These volunteers need to be across the rules of the Robot Game, be good with kids, and will be on their feet most of the day. They will be front and centre of the action.

For more specific Robot Game info for Referees, check out:

· Full Robot Game video click here

· The Robot Game rules click here



These volunteers don't need to have any STEM/robotics background. Just be good with kids and keen to inspire and encourage. (We need some of these volunteers to be knowledgeable about coding/robotics to be the Robot Design Judge, but the other two judge roles are not technical).

· the Innovation Project info on page 3 click here

· the rubrics for judging click here

· this kinda dry but helpful reminder of what the Judging Process is like click here


Volunteers have to head to the FIRST Australia Dashboard to register here, or they can contact if they'd like some help registering. 

Brent Parkin
Maths Teacher