Wheel Life for School

On Tuesday, select Year 10, 11 and 12 students participated in the Wheel Life for School program run by Rebound WA. We started the day with an introductory talk and Q and A session where Clint Morgan, Rebound WA representative,  introduced himself to our Year 10 cohort and answered their questions about his accident and life in a wheelchair. 

We then had our NASHS Year 10 classes spend an hour each learning the rules and skills of wheelchair basketball through some drills and gameplay. We also had an Upper School (Year 11 and 12 class) participate. We had a very friendly staff v. students game at break and ended the day with students from the Albany Secondary Education Support Centre participating in wheelchair basketball. 

Students in Year 10 have been reading the book, Wheels by Delwyne Stephens, about a 15-year-old boy who has a motocross accident and develops paraplegia. The book follows Shane, the main protagonist's journey of figuring out teenage life in a wheelchair.

As a result of studying the book, students have become more aware of the challenges people with wheelchairs face, especially those living in Albany. To increase awareness, especially as the Paralympics occurred, the school invited Rebound WA to use their Wheel Life for Schools Program to help educate our students. The Year 10 students are also writing persuasive letters to the City of Albany to discuss the options of permanent matting at some of Albany's beaches to ensure they are completely accessible for everyone. 

Students learnt about life in a wheelchair, having resilience and taking the opportunities that come their way.  They also had fun and worked as a team.

This incursion has been a valuable experience for our staff and students at NASHS. We have come away from it with increased respect and awareness for the challenges of living with a disability. 

English and Humanities Teacher
Nor Kaiyisah Shariff