Year 7 Acknowledgement Activity

Term 3 is nearly over, and to reward students for their hard work and acknowledge them following the school values of being their best, being responsible, respectful, safe and importantly kind, an after-school reward activity was organised.


Sixty students from Year 7 attended the “Groove and Bowl” evening at the Albany Ten Pin Bowling Centre last week. Fun and laughter were had by all and the opportunity to share some time in a safe and informal setting seem to be the antidote to a hectic term of assessments.

A big thank you to all the staff who attended the evening to support the students in some unwinding and friendship building.

A second “Groove and Bowl” will hopefully occur next term about week 5, to allow those students who missed out on the first evening to also doing some unwinding.

Mr Adam Tetlow
Year 7 Co-Ordinator