NASHS Drama Performance Night

You are invited to attend the upcoming Drama Performance Night for all drama students, to showcase their skills and talents to families and friends. A NASHS drama performance hasn’t happened since 2019 due to Covid.

The night is Tuesday of Week 10, the 22nd of June. Performances start at 7 pm, winding up about 8:15 pm. Students who arrive early (6:30 pm) to help set up seating will get free pizza, kindly provided by the Drama department.

This night is non-essential to the students’ grades but highly recommended. The students have been developing their performing skills over the semester. It is great to finish it off with a larger audience of enthusiastic family members on a stage with stage lighting. The night is free to family members, but can families please let Mr Le Page know if they plan to come to assist with seating arrangements. 

Please email or call 9892 0645.

Mr Darian Le Page
Drama and Physical / Health Education Teacher