Studiosity 24/7 Online Study Help

FREE homework and study help, online, from real people!

Thanks to Albany Public Library, all students at this school have access to online, after-hours study help with the library’s Studiosity service.

Busy families all over Albany can get homework and study help in real-time, from real subject specialists, online. The online staff are all professional educators and academics and can help with all core subjects: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English and writing, assignment research, and more.

Over 70% of Australian public universities provide Studiosity to students to help with academic writing and study skills, so we’re very pleased to be able to offer it to our community as well, from high school onwards.

To join the library visit and fill out a simple online form. You will receive your membership immediately, and you can then access free 24/7 study help via the library website Kids and Teen page, or


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