SunSmart Surfing State Titles

Elijah Medling and Jack Day had progressed from the great southern regional heats, winning their division for the senior boys U18's Bodyboarding. They went on to compete in the State finals held in Perth on Friday 28th August.

The conditions in the morning were promising with a medium 2m swell and offshore winds. The boys came out strong progressing through their first-round beating St Marks ACS. It was a convincing win with both lads highlighting their wave selection abilities by scoring combo waves. (combo waves, are more than one manoeuvre on the same wave.)

There was a considerable gap between first heat and semis, and this was time to reflect on the heat, refuel for the day and monitor the surfing conditions. In typical Perth fashion, the Freo Doctor was palpable, and the conditions were changing. The position of the rip was alternating, and the unfavourable onshore winds were picking up as midday was approaching.

By the time the semis started the wind was in, the swell had dropped, and the conditions had seriously deteriorated. The approach to the heat had slightly changed as we had to manipulate our strategy to suit the conditions. The fellas went out trying their best in tough conditions. The heat was tight, and both Jack and Elijah held their own against the Duncraig SHS students, who had a slight home ground advantage. They were trading wave for wave right until the end where the Duncraig boys pipped us at the post, with both competitors scoring multiple combo waves in the dying minutes of the heat.

Although a bit deflated, the boys aware of the loss, still came out of the surf in good spirits. The support and commitment to Bodyboarding from both families was admirable and exciting. The boys gave it their all and taking into consideration the short 15-minute heats, unfamiliar beach and being the youngest in the division; I look forward to them competing over the next two years!

Froth on,

Mr Ireland