Healthy Drinks Campaign

NASHS Healthy Drinks Campaign. Do you know how much sugar is in that drink?

Dear Parents, It has come to my attention that a lot of students are consuming energy drinks during school time. We ask for your support to discourage your child/children from drinking these types of drinks.

Sugary drinks are not a good substitute for hydration. Water is always the best. Even commercial flavoured water often contains sugar. If your child doesn’t like plain tap water, may I suggest only adding natural juice such as lemon?

Please see the infographic that highlights the amount of sugar in “every day” drinks. I’m sure you are all aware that there is a rise in obesity among teenagers in Australia and consuming these sorts of drinks regularly contributes to weight gain.

So please encourage your child/children to bring their water bottle to school and fill it with water. 

How Much Sugar Is In That Drink?

Triple P Parenting Program

The school psychologist and I are trained in triple p presentations for parents of teenagers and would like to promote some of their messages.

Here is one of their top ten tips for parents of teenagers.

Be the kind of adult you want your kids to become. Actively decide to lead by example. Really think about what you say and (and how you say it) every day.

If you have questions about triple p you can check out their website 

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