SunSmart WA School Surfing Titles

On the 14th August, 12 students of varying bodyboarding and surfing abilities, competed in the SunSmart WA School Surfing Titles against Denmark SHS, Albany SHS, Esperance SHS, Esperance Anglican Community School & St Joseph College.


The day was predicted to be an absolute pearler, and in unusual Albany fashion, didn’t disappoint with ideal conditions with west nor west offshore winds and an easing 2m southwest swell.

Although some teams didn’t feel they performed the best they could, they still went through to the next round because of their determination and commitment, only one team did not progress to the next round.  

Keilarni Lloyd had an unfortunate incident where her fin was broken moments before her heat. She kept her head high, went out and surfed the best she could with her team member, Georgia Franey. Keilarni was surfing so hard that she managed to inflict a minor blood nose.

Much to her and Georgia’s surprise, they progressed through to the next round, even after leaving the water feeling deflated. A new fin was found and they competed in the second round, unfortunately, they were knocked out of the heat. The team showed great resilience and determination, which is commendable.
Some of the junior teams struggled a little bit with the conditions. To their credit, they continued surfing managing the best that they could, highly praiseworthy.

Some of the juniors were on unfamiliar crafts to suit the team configurations. Their flexibility and willingness to adapt to evolving conditions was admirable.  
A last-minute senior Boys bodyboarding tactical team change proved beneficial as the fellas progressed through the rounds. Riley Pearce and Hamish Wilkes were in one team with Elijah Medling and Jack Day in another team. Unfortunately, Hamish and Riley encountered some tough competition in round 1 being knocked out by the team which would compete in the final.

Elijah and Jack progressed to the second round convincingly, whitewashing the opponents. The second round was a bit tighter but the number of waves caught and maneuvers executed by both Jack and Elijah, secured them a place in the final. The final was tight, very tight. There was no clear winner from watching the heat.

There was a back and forth exchange of waves and tricks, the standard of Bodyboarding was exciting to watch. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for the presentations due to bus times, but the boys in the final were able to stay behind with a parent.

Much to their delight and surprise, they won the final! Both Elijah Medling and Jack Day will be competing in the State Titles held at Trigg Beach, Perth, on August 28. This a phenomenal effort!!  

The effort and behavior by all those who attended were applauded for their respect, willingness and flexibility. The day was a huge success and I’m looking forward to continuing the competitive success next year!

Mr Joel Ireland