NASHS New Chaplain

My name is Tami Short and I'm the new Chaplain at NASHS. It's been an interesting start to the year as we come to the end of term one, but it's been lovely getting to know some of you and I look forward to meeting more of you when we are all back at school again.

A Chaplain is at the school to support not just the students, but staff, parents and caregivers too. If you are needing to chat to myself or someone from Student Services, please call the main NASHS number (08) 98920611 and I, or someone from Student Services will get back to you as soon as we can.

We will be available during normal school term days whether students are here or not. During the scheduled term breaks, such as Easter holidays, if you are needing to talk to someone there are plenty of crisis lines and websites such as 


Kids Helpline (24 hours) 1800 55 1800


Lifeline WA (24 hours) 13 11 14


If you would like to look at an app to help with relaxation and mindfulness, check out Smiling Mind 

It is free and approved through the WA country Health service.


Take care