NASHS Therapy Dog

NASHS has a wonderful opportunity on Thursdays. Grace Verity is a Youth Focus counsellor providing students with support on Thursdays at NASHS.  She has a fully qualified and approved therapy dog (called ‘Pickle’) who will accompany Grace during counselling sessions.

Research shows contact with animals in therapy helps reduce stress, helps young people to talk more easily about what’s on their mind, and makes therapy richer and more rewarding. Engaging with animals in a therapeutic setting is a wonderful opportunity for students to have some fun, enjoy pats and cuddles, and have an extra pair of ears to talk to during the session.


Pickle is a miniature, cream labradoodle (a breed that was created as a service dog for people with allergies). Pickle has a wool coat rather than dog hair, so she is considered hypoallergenic. We are aware that some students may be scared of dogs therefore any students wishing to come to Student Services on Thursdays will be able to wait in a “dog free zone” and at all times Pickle will be under leash and harness control.


On Thursday’s Pickle will spend most of her time in the Student Services area and a sign has been placed on the Student Services window notifying students that she is on site.


If you have any questions regarding Animal Assisted Therapy, or would like to meet Pickle the therapy dog, you are welcome to contact Grace at school on Thursdays on 9892 0611 or other days on 0428 754 392, or


Andrew Harrison

Student Services Program Coordinator: Lower School