NASHS Students Shine in National Maths Competition

Our students performed fantastically in this year’s Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) held in August. Year 11 student, Callum Postmus, was the standout performer. His result was top 4% for Year 11’s in Western Australia. Callum earned a certificate of High Distinction. Congratulations Callum.

Joshua Tracey was top 9% Year 7, Western Australia.

Clinton ‘T Hart, top 11% Year 11, Western Australia

Uluka Luscombe, top 15% Year 11, Western Australia

Archer Gordon, top 17% Year 7, Western Australia

Dylan Hawkins, top 20% Year 9, Western Australia

Certificates of Distinction were awarded to each of these students. Congratulations for an outstanding result.

Sixteen students earned certificates of Credit, putting their performance in the top 55% (Junior or Intermediate Divisions) or top 60% (Senior Division) of their year group for Western Australia.

The students are:

Year 7

Thornton Hambley

Kayden Collins

Hannah Tschabotar

Year 8

Daisy Stewart Morgan

Year 9

Angus Bowles

Amber Wilkinson

Riley Wood

Stella Westcott

Kaius Pearson

Owen Smith

Oliver Dall

Arli Vanderleer

Year 10

Cameron Pettley-Gray

Kia-Joy Fuentebella

Regan Beer

Sharmaine Boyd

Congratulations everyone.

A further 25 students were awarded a Proficiency certificate for achieving a pre-set score. Altogether 52 students participated in this year’s competition. Every competitor was provided with an individual performance report.

The 2019 Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) was the 41st annual competition. Hundreds of thousands of students in primary and secondary schools from around 30 countries sat the AMC on August 1. Students from Year 3 to Year 12 compete on the same day, making it the largest single event on the Australian education calendar. An Australian initiative, the AMC was introduced in 1978 as the first competition of its kind in schools here. It is now a truly international competition, having become the major school mathematics enrichment event and benchmark for mathematical ability throughout the Pacific and South-East Asia.

The competition tests everything from basic numeracy skills through to advanced problem solving. This is the 9th year that a Proficiency certificate has been awarded for students reaching a pre-set standard in both skills and problem solving, using their skills in the world around them.

The competition is conducted by the not-for-profit Canberra based Australian Mathematics Trust under the trusteeship of the University of Canberra.

Congratulations to all our award recipients and well done to all students who participated in the competition.

Next year’s competition is expected to be in July or August. Details are generally available in March.

Mr John Smith
Maths Teacher
AMC Manager.

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