Little Grove Primary School STEM Excursion

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The students were introduced to electronic engineering and used a connector called Little Bits.  This is a way to simplify the process of creating circuits using lights, sound, temperature, pressure and motion. 

The students worked in groups to find innovative ways to solve simple problems around the home.  Examples of this were creating a working car which stops on voice command or a light that goes on when the temperature reaches a certain level.

The students all enjoyed the opportunity to think in new ways and we appreciate the time taken by Mrs Blogg and Mr Bernhardt to teach our students about Little Bits. It is anticipated that towards the end of Term 4 students will be able to apply their skills to create a project during a half a day visit to Little Grove PS.

Thank you to all students who attended and showed the NASHS Values of Being our best, kind, responsible, safe and respectful.  You were excellent ambassadors of the school.

Mrs Offer

Mathematics Teacher