Keys for Life P.A.R.T.Y. Excursion

Students experienced being attended to and transported by St Johns Ambulance. They travelled with mannequin Max as he was brought in to the Emergency Department after a major road trauma and assisted in treating him.

They experienced the long term rehabilitation involved with sessions with Allied Health. Students also had a glimpse into what it would be like to learn how to adjust to daily life after a major trauma by learning how to use a wheelchair, how to communicate, how to move including using hoists and experienced how uncomfortable some of the aides are to wear.

They heard how some patients have to learn to talk and swallow again and tasted some of the drinks they need to consume.

They also had a session with Palmerston who explained the ripple effect. That it is not just the individual that is affected by road trauma but the friends, family and community as a whole.

Students completed a questionnaire following their experience in which they outlined the take home messages. What they came up with is listed below:

  • Always stop and think about what you are doing
  • Having fun is not worth your life
  • The huge impact of the Ripple effect
  • Spinal injuries can effect everything
  • Listen to your Mum
  • Tell your mates to slow down, say no, save a life
  • We hope to Inspire others with the information we have learnt
  • Your actions affect everyone around you
  • Driving at 50km and glancing down at your phone means you travel 27m blind

A big thank you to Amelia Jefferis and the team at Albany Health Campus for providing students with this life changing experience.

If you are interested in helping your child become a safe driver we will be holding a Keys For Life Parent Information night regarding the new rules associated with getting your Learners Permit and how you can work with you child to improve their safety.

Contact Sheree Melrose for more information regarding this event.

Please drive safely.