Sustainability Update at NASHS

Year 7 Recycling Induction

The year 7 students have participated in a presentation on recycling by Mr Brad Waldron from Clean-A-Way, Albany. Students were informed about the recycling process at NASHS and the recycling processes for Albany. Thank you Mr Waldron and year the 7 teachers for your cooperation and assistance.


Year 9 Rubbish collection

Ms Curtis’s year 9 classes have been collecting and auditing the rubbish from the NASHS bush area.

We have noticed that there is a considerable amount of community rubbish being dropped into the bush. The year 9 classes have made a significant effort to clean this rubbish up and have made a noticeable difference.

At NASHS we are very lucky to be surrounded by natural bush. This bush area provides;

  • Biodiversity
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Habitat for native flora and fauna
  • Casuarina trees for Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo (Critically Endangered)
  • Benefits for health and wellbeing for the school & broader community especialy walking
  • Nature makes happier workers
  • Green neighbourhoods cut depression

As a school community we value this bush area and hope to increase our stewardship.

Recycling facilities at NASHS

NASHS has a school recycling system for paper and other recyclables. Small orange bins are located in classrooms and offices as collection points. These orange bins are emptied on WEDNESDAY during contact. They are emptied into larger yellow lidded bins for collection by clean a way.

Battery recycling

A battery recycling box is currently located in the staffroom and a cartridge recycling box is located in the library.

Earth Hour

On March 29th NASHS participated in its first Earth Hour along with approximately 650 other schools in Australia. Students and staff turned off lights and other electrical devices for one period.

This raises awareness of sustainability and global Earth issues. Some classes participated in activities related to sustainability during this time.

Sustainable Schools WA

The Sustainable Schools WA program has been implemented by NASHS following the key focus points as outlined below.



More information about the Sustainable Schools program can be found here.