Chess, Debating and Music!


On Monday 1st July NASHS is hosting the Albany chess competion.  Mr Gordon Bishop (Maths teacher) is assisting NASHS students to develop their chess knowledge and skills in preparation for the regional competition. Good luck to our students.


Each Wednesday evening NASHS hosts the Albany regional debating competition.

Our thanks to staff members, Mr Marc Ruffell (English HOLA) and Ms Hannah Curtis (English/HASS teacher),  for putting in lots of extra time after hours to support our students develop their debating skills as well as hosting this competition.

As per last year, we will be sending a team of debaters to the Country Week championship at the end of this term.


Our music staff, Mrs Courtney Thomas and Ms Bella Walters, are always on the alert for additional music learning opportunities.

NASHS choir will be participating in the Denmark Festival of Voice in early June and then later in the term students will workshop with the Australian Girls’ Choir when they visit Albany. Plans are also underway for a special music workshop in the last week of this term.  

Music facilities at NASHS are of a high standard. In particular students enjoy learning about music recording from local music identity and NASHS music teacher, Mr Mick Crannage, in our very own Music Recording Studio .