Afternoon Pick Up

Congestion on Anson Rd at the end of the school day continues to be a concern. Please read more for alternatives.

A new staff car park has been built at the eastern end of the school and this has freed up a number of bays in the front car park on Anson Rd.

Parents are asked to park in the Anson Rd car park if you are waiting for your child at the end of the day. Parents driving through are requested to stop and allow parents to reverse out of these bays.

John St, at the back of the school, is an alternative drop off and pick up location – however the John St gravel car park is not a drop off or pick up zone. This gravel car park is reserved for staff and students with permits only.

I have also had a request from the manager of Coles - Orana for parents not to use the front of the store as a pickup location at the end of the day. Students waiting at the entry to Coles is causing congestion for customers. In support of keeping our students safe, Coles have indicated that parents can park close to the Albany Highway manned cross walk and wait there to pick up your child.

Thank you
Mrs Sharon Doohan - Principal