Studiosity with Albany Public Library

To connect to Studiosity :

1.  Go to the Albany Public Library website

2. Follow the links down the eResources tab and click on For Kids and Teens

3. Click on the Studiosity icon

4. Enter your Albany Public Library barcode eg: CL301A....D found on the back of your membership card - it is free to join the Albany Public Library

5. Agree to the terms and conditions

6. Click the Sign in button

In the main page it will give you three options;

  • Live chat help, available 4pm - 8pm Monday to Thursday. Fair use time is set at 20 minutes. Meaning you can only work in one session with your specialist for that set time. They may ask you to reconnect if you have further questions.
  • Upload a written draft and have it reviewed.
  • Try a quiz - various subjects and year levels are available
The main Studiosity website has free worksheets, puzzles and quizzes to complete.  There are study survival guides, organising hints and free printable timetables and calendars.

To find them follow the main page all the way to the bottom, and enter the Student's Zone.