School - Parent Communication

I also encourage all parents to join the NASHS Connect school community.  All teaching staff use Connect. It is an extremely useful tool that allows teachers to communicate with both students and parents.   Connect keeps you informed 24/7 about your child’s courses and progress through a secure web site and free mobile app. It is easy to register for Connect. Just get onto our web site, click on the parent menu and follow the link.   Alternatively you can contact the front office on 98920611 for a Connect registration form. 

If at any time you have a query about your child’s learning program please contact your child’s teacher in the first instance. We have a 5 period teaching day at NASHS and sometimes staff are teaching for all 5 periods. Most staff also teach on average 150 students per week (some staff teach up to 250 students during the week). Therefore teachers may not be able to return your phone call or email that day. However, they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mrs Sharon Doohan